I Call BS on Saving the World

I'm sorry if this makes you mad, but I gotta say it. I call BS on "you are hoarding your medicine that can save the world, if you don't get out there and share what you know."

I call BS on it's your "sacred mission to help others."

I call BS on all the stuff that says "you better help make the world a better place or else you're being selfish."

Here's what I think.

All of that is truly well intentioned but it totally trips up coaches, consultants and practitioners.

It makes you create a biz that "looks right" but often doesn't feel right, because you think what you truly want isn't socially acceptable.

So you dress up your REAL desires in "saving the world."

Your real desires of not really wanting to work that hard, or wanting to make a boat load of money while helping others for a living (gasp! can you really say that??), of wanting lots of people seeking you out, being kinda famous and hundreds attending your events (eek! you can't say that, right? so you call it "I want to make a BIG impact"), or your real desires of just having a life full of wellness-related activities that feel fun and relaxing, but you can't just do THAT, can you?

So you obsess about "contributing" and on earning your place in the world.

So you start a biz and it's always feast or famine because you're not THAT interested in running a biz, you just want to have fun.

But you can't just do THAT, right? Or can you??

You "serve" others by being radiantly happy.

A happy woman creates such a ripple effect in the world, just by being who she is and dripping her happiness here and there.

It’s inspiring.

It’s life-changing for everyone who comes into contact with her.

And that is enough.