"I Used to Hate You Karin... "


“… but now I love you!”

Ever receive that kind of compliment?

It’s a well-intentioned, but it comes with a bit of a sting, doesn’t it?

I’ve been leading seminars, teleseminars and workshops for long enough to know that how people “hear me” and whether or not they like me is not my concern.

Their reaction has nothing to do with me.  And that kind of comment doesn’t bother me anymore. I’m mostly fascinated by what people say.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not naïve in that I don’t care about how I come across. Of course I care! I take care to do my best and present myself in the most client attractive way. But I’ve been in this game long enough to know that how people interpret me, is all them and it’s not something I can take responsibility for.

Back to that “compliment...”

Want to know why she said she “used to hate me?”

It went something like this…

“Karin, I remember you when I first attended Integrative Nutrition and you once shared in a lecture that it might take a little time to get my practice off the ground.

And I didn’t like hearing that. Because everyone else teaching business skills seemed to be telling me that ‘anything is possible and go for it!’  You made me mad!

So when you would get on stage to speak, I’d actually get up and leave the room. (Yes, she said this to my face! LOL!)

I went to every business building seminar out there. Karin, I’ve been to them ALL!! And now I’ve come full circle and love YOUR stuff.

I love that you’re “real”, accessible and relaxed about growing your business. Your last presentation about “relaxing your way to success” really hit home.

And to be honest, this is the only place where I feel I don’t have to excessively strive or push myself or follow a rigid formula to achieve my dreams.”

Why am I sharing this?

This isn’t a call to start convincing people who hate you to like you. Forget about ‘em. (Said with NY accent. :))

This is a call for people like “Julie” here, who aren’t feeling “at home” with traditional business building formulas, pie in the sky promises and biz models that say “you have to do it this way because it’s what we do in this business.”

It’s a beacon to those who want to succeed beyond their wildest dreams, but without the usual stress,  the furious pace, the self-doubting comparison to others and trying to make yourself fit into some formula.

There is a home for you here, my friend, in my little world of mentoring and community of “doing it our way” holistic entrepreneurs.

Consider this your invitation.

And yes, you may not want to hear it but, it may take a little time to get where you want to go.

Give yourself that luxury, won’t you? Your desires need breathing room, not a race to run in.


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