If You Get Overwhelmed by All Your Ideas…


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In case you didn't hear, baby girl Rozell arrived on Oct 23rd.

My husband Drew, wrote a very sweet blog post about it here: http://www.verycoollife.com/1986/my-favorite-photos/

So these days, I'm juggling little Ella on my arm while making a few preparations for the year ahead (more on that later.)

In the meantime, I thought to send a note to help with the feeling overwhelm.

It seems that's up for a lot of wellness pros right now.

So check it out and let me know if it helps.

Here it is...

The challenge with being a super creative, do things your own way and live on your own terms type of wellness pro, is that you get A LOT of ideas.

Which ones do you implement?

What if you have no problem starting something new, but you can’t quite bring some things to completion?

What if you find yourself taking off in new directions and being sucked into what I call the “bright shiny object syndrome”, and as a result, find yourself constantly changing the direction of your practice?

What if you make a decision and get something going, and then start to doubt it all?

Or what if you have no problem completing things, but you just have too many opportunities to choose from? Which ones do you choose and ensure you don’t slip into the old habits of overworking and burn out?

In this blog post, I’ll share a handful of my secrets for staying focused on results.

1.      First, this may sound counterintuitive, but staying focused on results isn’t working harder, it’s honoring time when you work and when you don’t.

It’s simply too hard to make great decisions and keep your momentum going if you don’t have regular time off to rest, rejuvenate and re-inspire yourself.

2.      Second, make sure you immerse yourself in an environment of support.

This can be coaching, household help, what you watch, what you read, people you hang out with (like up-to-something-colleagues who inspire you and call you on your BS), etc… Otherwise, it will be really easy to wiggle out of following through with your ideas. Your environment is that powerful. It can keep you on track or make it a-okay to believe the excuses you tell yourself.

3.      Organize yourself.

Passion alone won’t cut it. Even though everyone says follow your passion and bliss will follow. I tried it, I ended up broke.

Passion + Organization = Impact/Results

We all know plenty of passionate, creative folks whose ideas never make it pass the “fun to talk about” phase. (I was that person for more years then I care to remember.)

And yet we also know of seemingly less creative/passionate folks, who seem to crank out their ideas and get them into the hands of their tribe.

Are they better, more talented, have some special gift? No, they’re just a bit more organized and comfortable with flexing their “get it done” muscles.

Start working out that muscle too. It will make all the difference.

Like any workout, start small. IE pick an area of your life that is stressing you out and focus on cleaning that up. Then repeat that success in another area. Can be anything. The smaller the better.

4.      Focus on only one thing at a time.

Once I got this, I actually started seeing results in my life and in my business.

I used to juggle so many ideas/projects, as this felt kind of sexy and made me think I was super productive.

Not really.

What really works, is focus on getting one project done, sending your energy in one focused direction. Then move on to the next thing.

It will feel like you’re moving slower. But you’re not. You will actually experience more calm, centered, efficient energy output.

And that will feel new and maybe a bit weird if you’re used to using yourself up each and every day.

5.      One of my favorite questions to ask myself is…

Does this idea/project require something else to be completed first, in order for it to be successful?

IE – If you want to do a weekend workshop and after running some numbers, realize you’ll need 15 people to attend for it to be profitable and worth all the time and energy you would need to invest into it.

But then you realize you don’t really have much of an email list or contacts to tap into to attract 15 people or maybe your list is kind of stagnant and needs to be reconnected with.

So perhaps you’d back up a bit and focus on booking 15 free, 1-hour seminars in the next 90 days to grow your list and attract X amount of private clients while you build up your list and connection to that list of people.

Then you might reschedule that weekend workshop for 9-12 months down the road, giving you time and energy to put some things in place to pull that off with great success.

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