If You Want to Know What You Really Believe Is Possible, Just Look at Your Business



Secret #7: A in "Rockstars" is for Attract

Rockstars know that action alone won’t cut it. They do the inner work in order to be in alignment with their vision and attract their successes. 


If You Want to Know What You Really Believe Is Possible, Just Look at Your Business

You don’t have to dig too deep to see what you believe is possible for yourself. Just look at your business. If what you see isn’t what you want, then do what it takes to break free of your self-imposed stinkin’ thinking.

This is not optional. You must do this. You must have a way to continuously release habits of thoughts that are no longer serving you.

There are many ways to do this. Find something that works for you and make it a practice that you incorporate into your work hours regularly. This doesn’t have to be a long, therapeutic process. (Wellness pros love personal development, so you have to watch out for staying in the place of analyzing and processing everything.)

The fastest way to start seeing a difference is to start speaking, thinking and acting as if what you want were on its way. At first, it will feel like you’re pretending. But soon enough, your subconscious mind will start working on your behalf instead of on your limitations. Then you will start seeing positive results.

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