Meet Diane Horn, Author (Our Book Program Starts Tomorrow!)


Tomorrow, Tuesday April 9th, we are kicking off the third year of our Write AND Publish Your Book in 90 Days Program.

Last week, Diane Horn, one of our authors from this program, shared the following lovely post on Facebook about her book.

It's inspiring, and so is she.

"Many of you know I wrote and published a book last year called '7 Simple Ways to Rediscover Your Wow Factor'.

Writing this book made me feel just about as proud as when I gave birth to my two sons many years ago.

It gave me the self confidence to get out there and show the world who I am and what I stand for.

The people I credit for all the encouragement as well as the how- to's are offering their program again.

If writing a book is your dream check this out."

You can read the rest of her experience on the following page too:

To get a copy of Diane's super relevant book (and making your book relevant is something we'll be covering in our program too), visit her site at

Here's to becoming an author in 2013,


PS - It's okay if you can't make the live calls that start tomorrow. We post the recording on the same day in our secret Facebook group, and it's how many people have taken the program, on their own time and at their own pace. :)