[Mixing Biz and Babies/Life] Taking extended time off DURING your biz hours


I take off the last week of every month. Generally, that's a no-client time for me.

I still take care of some biz, but mostly, I make this time a me-time priority. (It isn't easy for me, but having a regular time in my schedule to pay attention to this helps A LOT).

This is when I schedule doctor's appointments, hair cuts, self care, kids stuff, picking up a car (new-to-me car today!), the whole thing.

Or if I get behind on this, I use that week to schedule more self care in the coming weeks.

It's rather delightful to have this time to just rejuvenate.

Without this, I get very, very cranky. And we all know what THAT does to your biz AND your household.

Today, I booked a hair cut, dentist appointment and a check up with the midwife. Ah... feels good to just give me some attention.

And yes, it seems I have to do this when my babysitter is here. Having regularly scheduled time to pay attention to this (usually during biz hours for me, I just don't have energy past 6pm!) prevents this getting to far out of whack.

Now the goal isn't to "get to far out of whack." (But hey, start where you are, right?)

My goal is to feel fantastic more often than not.

And today, knowing I gave to myself, feels freakin' great. May you give to yourself the gift of extended scheduled time off each and every month too.


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