No Foolin’! Book Program deadline extended 36 hours

After a long weekend of taking care of two sick kids, visiting with family and not getting much sleep, I sat down to my computer this morning to discover a lovely surprise.

There where a bunch of “New Order” e-mails waiting for me (love those!), but I didn't know what they were for.

"Did a bunch of people buy my book, home study course, or something?" I wondered.

And then I realized what happened.

The discount deadline for our Write and Publish Your Book in 90 Days was last night and over the weekend, a group of people signed up for the program:

What was the best part of getting these e-mails?

Each person left me a fun, personal note in their registration about how they’re excited to create their first book with Drew and me.

It was pretty damn inspiring way to start the day, I must say! Now, we’ve been doing things long enough to realize that most people wait until right up until the deadline to register for things (I know I do sometimes) and it’s usually helpful to have a reminder (which I forgot to send you yesterday)!

So here's what this means for you…

1) If you've been waiting for a sign that now is the right time to write your book, then here it is. You can sign up until we start next week, but the investment will be double today’s price.

2) We are extending the 50% off for another 36 hours, until midnight EST April 2nd, 2013. So if you’re ready to join us, do so NOW. Like, today!

Or you can pay the full rate after that. Either way works for us! :) The Book in 90 Days program starts next week, on April 9th.


If you're finally ready to write your book that you know is in you...

If you're ready to use your book as a way to clarify what you REALLY want to say...

If you're ready to use your book to claim you expert status, charge more, and open the doors to opportunities that only authors enjoy, then you'll want to hang out with us.

You can do it, we promise.

Here's the info page:

including our 70-minute call describing all the reasons you’ll want to join us.

Karin (and Drew!)


PS - Honestly, at this sweet deal, it only takes one client to see a return on your investment. That's what we call a “no-brainer…”

PPS - Here's what Andrea  said about writing

her book with us...

"Prior to joining I thought I didn't need much support in completing my book, I thought, "I know what I'm doing, I just need a few questions answered and a little direction here andthere, but, other then that, I've got it!" WRONG!! I didn't have it at all!

If I hadn't joined this program, my book would have had a less catchy title, not because I wasn't capable of creating something catchy, but because I just didn't know what I had in mind for a title would be perceived as somewhat boring!

Had I not joined this program, I would have felt lost and eventually really confused AND I may have ended up ditching the whole project altogether!

Their guidance kept me on track. Their guidance answered important questions that I couldn't answer myself. Their guidance honestly helped me to ROCK it with my book and really bring it to life.

And, they helped me through the confusing mundane details, where to go to get my book cover created, excellent editors, publishers and all the step by steps for the self-publishing process.

I would recommend this program HANDS DOWN to anyone ever thinking of writing a book. There's nothing like having guidance and support, especially from two inspiring, wise leaders such as Karin and Drew!

Go for it guys! This program will make it happen- that book is coming to life if you say YES."

Andrea Anderson Author, Speaker & Coach to families looking to clear ADHD & autism and make life better and easier for their child