How She Did It: Author Profile of Rhonda K. Huff

Meet Book in 90 Days Author Rhonda K. Huff Rhonda is the owner of Body-in-Balance Wellness & Fitness Studios and Glowing Swan Publications. She also works as a Fitness Manager for Equinox NYC where she oversees the Educational Development for 60 personal trainers.

New York, NY

Have you always wanted to write a book? Why?

When I was 16, I had 3 lifetime goals: to get a Master’s degree, to write a book, and to live in NYC. I have accomplished all 3! I have no idea why I chose those specific things. LOL

What made you decide that NOW was the time to get it done?

I have always been a writer.  A Word of Prophecy was spoken over me in 2011. One of the things said was, “You are a writer but you write for yourself. God wants you to write for others.” When I saw your workshop I felt it was confirmation and signed up!

What was the best part of the book writing and publishing process for you?

Having total control of the entire process.

Can you roughly estimate how much you invested in your book production team (editor, designer, kindle conversion, etc)?

Around $750.

How long would you say did it take you to write it, start to finish?

Only about 4 months to write it and another 2 months to get the final edits, lay-out, and cover the way I wanted it. J

What is one tip you can share that helped you FINISH your book?

It is imperative to schedule actual time on the calendar just to write. I didn’t write everyday. I did better by scheduling 3-5 hour sessions once a week at a coffee shop.

How are you using your book now in your small business, private practice or creative work?

I use the book as a training tool for new trainers. Equinox also endorses the book for all of their Fitness Managers to use with new trainers. I have also had people tell me it should be re-written for the general public because the concepts are universal, so that is on the horizon.

What kind of benefits have you seen in your life or work from writing your book?

I was walking to work one day and passed a small personal training studio. A guy was standing outside tossing around a medicine ball. I noticed him watching me and figured it was because I had on an Equinox t-shirt.

As I passed him I said “good morning” and he said, “Um, is your name Rhonda?” I stopped in my tracks and slowly turned to look at him with a sheepish “yes.” He smiled and said “Oh my gosh I just read your book! It changed the way I look at my clients and I can already see a positive change in my business.” It is awesome to know I can help people that I would never have met otherwise.

I also started my own publishing company, Glowing Swan Publications. I am using it to help other people share their knowledge with a larger audience. I am currently working with two people and I LOVE it! J  I also am almost finished with my second book in “The Addictive Personal Trainer” series.

Thank you Drew and Karin!!! I can’t begin to express my gratitude for your guidance and encouragement. I love being an author who has total creative and administrative control over my work. You are changing the world – one author at a time!!

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