Could Success Be Hidden in Your Everyday Routines?


Ever feel like you're constantly being pulled in different directions?

You feel either super motivated about your biz or feeling kinda flat.

You've either have the perfect program that everyone wants or you feel like you've got nothing going on.

You're either making lots of money or you're worrying about where the next client will come from.

You're either going gang busters or you're fantasizing of quitting the biz all together.

You're either swinging from super messy or perfectly tidy depending on the day.

You're either rushing around like crazy or you're procrastinating like mad.

You've got too many clients and struggling for breathing room or don't have enough and with too much time on your hands.

You're either in your power and feeling ON or not at all and getting your boundaries run over left and right.

You have a full tank of gas in your car or you're barely making it to the gas station.

You're either over-working or checked out and boob-tubing it. I've been there. We've all been there. You might be there right now! Ahhh! ;)

What I'd love for you to consider, is this is such an extreme way of leading your business.

The constant pushing and pulling of your business, this way and that way, can feel very yin and yang.

Like you're a ping pong ball getting tossed from side to side.

And it creates a pattern of over-working, over-thinking and over-complicating... everything.


The good new is, this is Either/Or way of relating to your biz, is one big fat illusion.

And I don't think it comes from you.

I think it's an illusion that is handed to us by the media -- movies, television, and magazines that present the image of perfection in our lives. (I'm still waiting for my Pottery Barn version of my life to show up! Until then, I'll get out the stain remover.)

The illusive promise of the overnight make-over, be it for your living room or your marketing.

It's in the American obsession with what's new, fast and happening now.

All of it leaves us discontented with our very regular, real lives and thinking "well, that does not measure up at all."

It gets so confusing. Even your mentors can unconsciously feed into this. Does your mentor thrive on lots of action and activity? Is their success implying that you must too?


In my experience, your success is far more in the middle of the yin and yang spectrum.

It's in the everyday routines of your life. How you use your time, honor your energy, focus and relate to your business.

It's with the business you have right now, not the business with the miracle make-over or huge marketing budget that you can't afford.

It's with the life, love and mojo you have right NOW.

This is a lot like breaking free of the diet mentality and finding what works for your body type, lifestyle, energy needs, etc...

It takes practice, reminders, and frequent course corrections.

Because everything around you says, here's the solution. Buy it! Now! Ready to bring awareness to how you create, engage and lead your business?

Here are a few ideas to consider... 1) Notice Your Inner Dialogue About Your Biz

Consider becoming WAY more interested in the "How can I?" conversation instead of the "When I..." conversation that keeps you fantasy land.

For example...

"How can I steadily grow my business, while still honoring my desires for being present with my family's needs and enjoying plenty of family quality time?" vs "When I hit six figures, I'll take time off and do fun things with my family."

How about having a heart to heart with your hubby about making regular time for your business, so that you don't feel like you're trying to squeeze your biz into your life?

"How can I feel like a success now, instead of waiting for the 6-figure day?" vs "When I hit six figures, I'll redecorate my home." How about moving the furniture around, grabbing a can of paint, touching things up and feeling house proud NOW? 2) Notice Your Pace

Are you pushing through more often than not?

Are you in a rush and worried that you don't have enough time?

Could you pause, take a break and reflect more often instead of pushing through?

Maybe use a timer to remind yourself every 90 min or so to take a break and recalibrate your pace?

When you choose to slow down just a bit, you actually make wiser, clear and more profitable choices in business.

You end up making choices that honor ALL of your life, instead of rushing through to the next goal and then wondering why its' not what you imagined it to be. 3) Cultivate Your Ability to Focus

To see things through and become a finisher.

To get ONE of your ideas off the ground, instead of trying a bit of everything.

To discern and right-size your marketing for your biz now.

To say no more often, so your YES can gain traction.

To go deep and study with someone for awhile who gets to know you, your patterns and your dreams.

Focus is a skill set, not a "I got it or I don't" thing.

And it's the antidote to living in a noisy world that promises you the moon with the next big thing.


You're invitation to do it differently...

Whether you're an experienced biz owner, who's some-what successful but so ready for a better, smarter and more aligned way of doing business...

Or whether you're just starting out, juggling quite a few responsibilities and wondering where to start...

I promise, there is a smart and soulful way to create what you want with your biz, that honors ALL of you.

Your life, your family, your womanhood.

And it starts right here, in the Biz Your Way Studio.

Not a group person? Then reach out and let's talk about working together 1:1. Here's to doing biz your way,