In the November Success Circle, Meet Rose Payne

Think being a wellness pro has to look ONE way?

Ever wonder how you can have time to make a great living helping others with their health and STILL have time to pursue other passions in your life?

Or has the thought ever crossed your mind that you simply need MORE wellness education in order to be taken seriously?

Then prepare for a wake up call when you listen in to my Success Circle Behind the Scenes interview of my friend Rose Payne of

In this fun, engaging and a bit provocative call you’ll get to meet Rose, discover how she went from successful hairdresser to starting life as a solo wellness pro, to launching a wellness center with staff, to selling her wellness center, working on passion projects with others and so much more.

You’ll also get the scoop on how she redesigned her practice to fit her values and lifestyle, multiple times in her 12 years as a wellness pro, and without a hitch.

And I have to tell you, listening to Rose is nothing short of a booster shot to your focus and ability to imagine what’s possible for YOU.

This interview is only available through the WelllProNet Success Circle until Nov 29th, 2012.

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Here’s to business and life in alignment with who you are,