Have you been surprised by any of these when starting your biz?

Now, more than ever, being in biz for myself since 1999, first as a health coach, working at Integrative Nutrition, and becoming a biz mentor in 2005, I'm finding more and more folks are actually quite surprised by the following....

1) The unlearning required (personally and/or professionally) to take an idea and turn it into something that's real practice

IE “I see others offering XYZ programs, isn’t that what I should do too?” or “Shouldn’t I be doing MORE” or “I hear video is hot now, shouldn’t I be doing that?”

I wonder if it's because there are so many good ideas available now, and it all sounds so easy, simple and FAST.

I liken this a lot to the plethora of diets available that promise "just do this and you'll lose weight." It works for some people, but not everyone.

2) The simple everyday focus, determination and actions required to get to the 6 figure or multi-six figure level. 

“I’ve been at it for X years? Why isn’t it working? I want to make an impact! I want my 6-figure biz.”

When I look closely in this situation, I often find that the person FEELS like they're doing so much, but they aren't actually doing the work that makes them feel vulnerable and visible. Or they're way off in their message.

Now I'm not talking bustin' your hump work or crazy loud bold messaging, but just doing next right thing to engage in that’s right in front of you.

This is about doing the "practice" of having a "private practice." Honing your craft, creating proof that your ideas work, building confidence, showing up and so on.

3) The importance around testing, creating proof, and the amount of time/patience required to turn an idea/passion into something real 

IE "Can't I just create a program and sell it? That's what I see everyone else doing."

4) The importance of setting up your biz to make you happy now (that’s instant wealth baby!) vs someday, one day when you hit some financial number 

Why should I hire you if you’re promising life transformation when your behind the scenes kinda sucks?

5) The importance of knowing how to do the basics before you hit "the big time” (however you define that)

IE how to invite people to work with you, how to set feel good pricing, give a presentation, or write an engaging article, how to organize your practice, and so on.

You don’t have to be an expert in all this, nor do you have to do it all (in my opinion) but you have to have some competency here. We all learn this. We all start here.

6) There is no “secret” formula 

There are some rock-solid biz principles to guide you, but there isn’t a formula, blueprint, map, etc…

More and more than ever before, I find people are surprised by these things. It's fascinating, frustrating and I totally understand too.

The good news is, with patience, a little guidance and gumption, you can create a business that fits you.

If you'd like some help with this, consider taking a look at my Biz YOUR Way Studio.

Here's to you,