Solution for Uncertainty: The 10-Day YES Diet


You can probably imagine a half dozen or more areas of your business that you're uncertain of.

Maybe your niche is a bit fuzzy, your programs need redesigning, your pricing feels out of sync, your marketing is all over the place, your boundaries need an upgrade, your website needs an update, and the list goes on. We all have areas of our business that we really would love to change.

In my experience, focusing on all the things you're uncertain of (without a coach who can move you through this stuff quickly) is a sure way to slowly strangle the momentum and cash flow out of your business.

I should know, I've lived it first hand.

When I first moved to the country for my true love and a quality of life upgrade, I had left a very demanding position leading programs at a wellness school.

I decided to take the few clients I had with me (I had a virtual only coaching practice at the time) and jumpstart my practice in my new town.

I swiftly put into play what I knew worked well to fill my client base. I booked a series of presentations.


I remember showing up for the first of these talks at a prominent bookstore in my area. As usual, I had arrived early to get the room ready and center my thoughts.

As I watched people file into the room for my talk, I began to have a sinking feeling.

Myboyfriend (now husband), asked me what was wrong as I looked a bit miserable and this is not what you want before you get up to speak (and hope to attract a few clients from your endeavor).

I whispered to him, "I'm done. I don't want to do this. I don't want to talk about this topic. And I don't want to talk to those folks." (The room was filling with some crusty, grouchy looking folks who were obviously not my ideal clients and were there for a free night of "edutainment.")


I pulled off my presentation, no one signed up for my offer (of course! I had prepaved that outcome!) and I went home feeling confused about my next steps.

I realized I had changed. What worked for me before, talking about nutrition, wasn't going to cut it. (At the wellness school, I was teaching nutrition and business building, and I was slowly coming to realize that the biz stuff was way more interesting to me.)

So after some thought I did what most people do when they're stuck: I spent the next six months sitting in my office pretending I was working, fussing with my website and generally doing nothing.

On the inside I was freaking out about my lack of clarity. And I was getting nowhere fast.

Fast forward to the holidays and I was broke.

As it turned out, focusing on everything I wasn't sure about left me with not much of a business and the need to get a job.

Any job!

And so I took a shop girl gig selling fancy crystal in a nearby town getting paid $11 per hour.

It was a humiliating step down for me.

But bills needed to be paid.

It was also a terribly boring job that consisted of dusting crystal all day long and waiting for the one or two shoppers we had each day to come by and purchase a $10,000 vase. (It was very nice crystal.)

So I had a lot of time to think and figure out how I got into this predicament. Especially when my boyfriend went off to enjoy a family New Year's Eve celebration but I couldn't go because I was working.

Deeeeepresing to say the least.

Here's what I figured out:

If you spend a good amount of time focusing on what you don't know for sure, what you don't like about your biz, or what you are afraid of, or what you may not like about your biz if it did take off... you end up feeling paralyzed, stagnant and eventually become broke.

Out of desperation (I eventually got sick of myself) I decided there had to be a better way.

And here it is: Focus on what you know for sure. And say YES to whatever is alignment with what you ARE certain of.

At the time, the only things I knew for sure was 1) I wanted to make at least $75K per year, 2) I wanted to work from home and have my own biz and 3) I wanted to use my talents and gifts (aka do work I liked!)

I started saying YES to anything that came my way that was a match to those three things. I still had a handful of clients and that's when I started writing people's marketing materials.

I saw a need right under my nose, I knew I was good enough at writing copy, and a new business was born. Referrals started coming and pretty soon I decided to put a website up and on it went.

I worked on those first client projects after my full-time shop girl hours. I hustled but it was the happy kind of hustling. I was inspired to stay up late to get stuff done because it was the closest thing to work I enjoyed. And I saw it as my way out of the crystal store.

And I had a sweet guy who worked at home that I wanted to spend time with.

You can say I had some serious motivation.

Had I continued to focus on what I was uncertain about, I wouldn't have been able to see the hidden opportunity to write marketing materials for my clients.

Eventually that marketing materials biz took off and it evolved to what I have today. Helping women passionate about health and life transformation create a real business that makes money, fulfills them and supports them to live their chosen lifestyle. All on their own terms and in complete alignment with who they are and what they're here to do.

But here's the thing. Focusing on what you know for sure and ignoring everything else takes courage. 

We've all been trained by society, media, parents, teachers to be "problem solvers' and find problems and fix'em.

But we've taken that too far and we fixate on problems instead of using our brain power for our benefit.

It takes courage to be deliberate with your thoughts, send them in a very specific direction and move forward with the unknown. (I didn't know where focusing on what I knew for sure would take me but I knew it had to be more effective then what I had been doing.)

The ability to focus on what you ARE certain of and take action that is aligned with your YES is the ONE thing that differentiates those that are successful and those that spin their wheels and get nowhere.

Here's something I recently shared with a client, that may help you apply this to your own business:

1) Make a YES list.

Take a few minutes to identify what you ARE certain of in your business. It can be things like "I'm certain about loving the work I do with private clients and wanting more of that, receiving referrals from clients, friends and colleagues, being invited to speak and share what I know, and making at least $85,000 per year."

That's enough if that's what you're certain of. I'd keep this list to no more then seven things. After all, you don't want to go Jim Carrey in"Yes Man" style and say yes to EVERYTHING (Great movie by the way!). Just say yes to the things that align with your YES list. The YES list being essential to bringing you focus. You want to stop saying no to everything, which is essentially what you're doing when you're focusing on what you're uncertain of.

2) Make this list PROMINENT.

Put it somewhere you will see it each and every day, multiple times per day. I love those big post it notes you can hang on a wall. Let this ground and focus you every time you start heading down the road of "things I'm uncertain of."

3) Allow your brain power, intuition and creativity to work on your YES list (rather then focusing on what's not 100% right in your biz!)

Just keep your eyes peeled for opportunities that are a match to your list. And say yes them! You'll figure out the rest as you go along.

This is where people get nervous, back pedal and focus on fixing some problems. DON'T.

Be expectant.

Look for things everywhere and anywhere that is a match.

It doesn't actually require hard work or furious digging for opportunities. It just requires seeing with new eyes and the willing to be courageous.

Think of this like going on a YES List Diet. Try it for 10 days and see how it goes. See where it takes you.

If you like it, repeat it.

I promise it's better then focusing on what you aren't certain of.



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