Two Internships Openings at WellProNet


Company Name & Brief Description of Business:

The Wellness Professional Network trains coaches, consultants, practitioners and other service-based, small business owners who share their passion for a living, how to start and grow their lifestyle business on their own terms. We've been coaching and training successfully for over a decade, working from home in beautiful Hebron, NY of Washington County.

One of our programs teaches small business owners who are determined to make a difference in the world, how to write and self-publish their book for their business.

These positions are for the purpose of lead generation and attracting new members to our



Position Title: Video Marketing Intern (unpaid)

Brief Position Description:

We are seeking a Youtube savvy individual to optimize our channel for lead generation for our Bookin90Days program. Tasks include:

- read, learn and implement the Youtube training program we have invested in

- optimize our channel and videos posted to expand  (

- create a plan for implementing the ideas from this program that make sense for our business, target market and goals and review with us

- report weekly on your progress and opt-ins (tracking clicks, click-throughs and video engagement) and create a system for doing so

- create start and end goals for your time with us

This position can lead to a paid flexible, part-time work within our company doing more of this. FYI, this is a sought out skill set that any company (small or large) would pay well to do for them. This is also something you can do as your own business. If you do this well for us, we will happily introduce your services to our network.


- you love and use for fun or personal use

- savvy about social media, computer skills

- excellent communciation skills

- any major welcome

- you can put as little as 3-5 hours per week or more, hours are flexible provided you create steady, trackable progress



Position Title: Article Marketing Intern (unpaid)

Brief Position Description: 

-       Read our Book called "Write Now! How writing your book for your business NOW is the best way to attract more money, establish a rock-solid brand, and become the go-to expert in your field. (And it's much easier than you think!)" (You can find it at

-       Edit the book into a series of 500-700 word articles with engaging titles for each

-       create a plan for where to publish (and submit where appropriate) these articles online via free article distribution sites, web portals that attract our target market and trade magazines (online and offline) (You should have some experience in submitting articles online)

-       Each article will have a call-to-action in the author attribution section with a web tracking link so that we can discern which articles are most effective in lead generation for our Bookin90Days program

-       Report weekly on progress and tracking and next steps


-       you love to read, write and edit

-       you’re journalist, editor, writer who wants a side-business

-       or you hope to be a writer, editor or reporter one day

-       you have some experience submitting articles for publication

-       you’re savvy about the online world and navigate it with ease

-       you can put as little as 3-5 hours per week or more, hours are flexible provided you create steady, trackable progress

If you do a great job with this, this position can lead to paid, flexible part-time work with our company. This is a sought-out skill set that any employer (with any kind of online marketing chops) will appreciate. This is also something you can do as your own business. If you do a great job for us, we will happily introduce you to our network of small business owners who might like to hire you for similar work.


Interested in either position, please email about what interests you about this position, why we should choose you, how you are with working on your own (got a professor, teacher, former employer who can vouch for you?) and any experience or interest you might have that would make you a great fit for our business.