Using Your Mindset to Accelerate Your Results


How Erin Owen, MBA – Personal Performance Coach , Uses Her Mindset to Accelerate Results in Her Life Transformation Biz

What do you get when you combine an Eastern Philosopher, a biz savvy MBA and a holistic

In the early days of our work together, she faced the common challenge of feeling uncertainty and doubt as she began to lead with her new message. “Is this really going to work? Where will my clients come from? How will I find them? How do I get more clients? Am I sure this is for me?”

No doubt, if you’re self-employed, you have asked yourself the very same disempowering questions. And if you think back to that time, you can summon up the feelings that went along with those thoughts and remember the anxiousness, the frustration, the fear, and the feeling of having to work hard, try harder and just do MORE. But the problem with disempowering questions is you only get disempowering answers.

In our coaching conversations, Erin was able to understand what triggered those thoughts and what to do about it. And it didn’t involve working harder. (It rarely does!) We quickly established that she was actually on the right track and reviewed the marketing plan we had already co-created. Then we outlined a mindset plan for upgrading her thoughts about herself and her business to thoughts that would actually accelerate her results and immediately put her in a more resourceful state of mind.

It’s pretty simple, really. When you find yourself facing a similar situation, instead of asking yourself questions that lead you into a downward spiral of negative thinking, try asking yourself questions that trigger your inner resourcefulness.

Here’s how you do this: Frame the question as if what you wanted was already happening. For example, “How come I so easily attract what I want and everyone is so happy about it? How come I’m making so much more money this year? How come clients seek me out all the time?”

At first it may seem silly and you may not even have the answer to your questions. That’s not important. The trick is to actually give yourself over to the empowering questions and let them swim around in your brain.

That’s what Erin did. At first, she felt a little crazy because these types of questions were such a departure from her habit of disempowering self-talk. (But what’s actually crazy is thinking disempowering questions actually gets you somewhere!) The thing to remember is that you’re less concerned with the answers and more interested in using these questions to trigger your inner resourcefulness.

Erin saw a positive response within days of reframing her thoughts. New clients, new speaking opportunities, and more. It was so fun for her that she quickly devised a game out of these questions and made it a part of her daily centering practice. And within weeks, she filled her practice and started a waiting list.

What makes Erin unique is her willingness to balance the outer work with the inner work of growing a successful private practice. The outer work being activities like giving presentations, writing email newsletters and networking. The inner work being embracing the mindset of an entrepreneur, while keeping the heart of the practitioner.

There is more to your success than actually working harder. That’s such an old school way of working anyway. The next time you feel in a funk, try asking yourself empowering questions.

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