What does "juicy in business" really mean?

Someone in my coaching group asked me what I meant by "feeling juicy in biz." Let's unpack this a bit, shall we?

What does feeling juicy in biz mean to YOU? Any ideas?

There really are no wrong answers.

It's worthy to inquire into your own meaning of this, if you're at all interested in enjoying the path of entrepreneurship.

To me, Juicy in Biz is a state of being where you're inspired, turned on, and can't wait to "get to work."

It's not a "flying high" thing, but a grounded, in your body experience of feeling alive and in touch with your knowing.

It's kinda sexy too. Your magnetism goes way up, and if you're in the biz of inspiring people to invest in themselves, that's super important.

But in the wellness/life transformation field, this can be confused for trying to feel really inspired and being inspiring at all times.

And that can lead to chasing the next inspiration kick that you can get at a conference or in a marketing program that makes bold "instant business" promises, and leaves you trying way too hard at everything you do.

But like any high, what goes up, must come down. (Yin and Yang 101, right?)

At some point you have to get back to real life.

And that's where this kind of "inspiration high," if you will, is fleeting and can't be sustained.

I find this a lot in people who "like the idea of having a biz" more than the reality.

Juicy on the other hand is more sustainable.

It's more in the midpoint of Yin and Yang.

It's something you can cultivate in your everyday being-ness; your marketing, in your client work, in your admin stuff, in your personal life and more because it is essentially grounding AND inspiring.

It's way more sensual too... and by that I mean, it has you slowing down a bit, feeling more playful, not taking things to seriously, aware of your senses (and spidey-senses!) and just being more awake.

Your knowing, your wisdom, doesn't come from your mind, but from your Source/Soul/Universe or whatever you want to call it.

And that's a body thing. Not a mental processing thing.

The non-juicy way of doing business is all head and mental processing. It's like you become a machine instead of feeling like a glorious woman.

That's all well and fine, but you can get that kind of business mentoring anywhere.

Paying attention to what makes you come ALIVE, feel turned ON or just connected to your self, specifically in regards to your business and your marketing, quickens your path to true success, and in just the right way for you.

The magic happens when you find the right "juicy in biz" recipe that works for you, and you add a dash of focus too.


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