What is the Real Purpose of Writing a Book for Your Business?


The real purpose of your book is to position you as an expert, not to make you rich. You get the money on the back end from people taking action after reading your book. The purpose of your book is to attract the exact opportunities you want in your business (e.g., speaking, to sell your workshops, get great clients, or to use as a marketing tool to draw people into your first level of service).

Writing your book now will also lead you to clarifying your brand and your message. I would say most people have gone through our program have rebranded their site to make it all cohesive after this program.


I've been a coach for 17 years. I was in it so long that I kind of forgot what I did. When you’re a coach like me, what you do is kind of nebulous. It's hard to define.

I lost the definition of what I did. I knew I was evolving and believed in certain things, but it was hard to express that to people and have a unified idea of what I offer to people.

My book required me to sit down and think, “What do I do with my clients from start to finish? What are my philosophies and beliefs? What am I offering to people?” That's what writing a book forced me (in a good way) to get clear on. Now, I have these seven keys. I have my message. I have my brand. I have my target audience. If you want to have a very cool life, I’m your guy and this is what I believe.

Once I finished the book, my confidence was really high. Now I am always centered in my message and I can’t tell you how great that feels. It’s simple… Everything that I offer comes back to this book.

I can do anything now because I have this book in my back pocket. Right now, I could go do a 90-minute talk off of the top of my head because I know what I'm going to talk about all of the time. The power of this kind of clarity is revolutionary in your business.

There's no more thinking, “What should I write about on my blog? Or what should I give a talk about or host a class on? What should I offer? What makes me different?”

The process of writing a book answers all these questions. That’s why it’s so important to do it NOW.


People are still incredibly impressed when you're an author. It opens doors for you. Now when you walk on stage, people introduce you as “The author of….,” which sounds pretty cool and makes you feel really confident.


When you write a book that you love, which I've done, then you get the inquiries from people wanting to work with you instead of having to chase clients. People will write you and say, “I'd like to work with you.”

The best clients I've gotten are from people who read my book who didn't know me before. These people already know my style. I don’t have to sell them anything, which is great because I’m not really interesting in selling. I want all coaches, wellness pros, and small business owners to have the same wonderful experience. And this is what we're going to show you how to do in this program.


Another great benefit for someone like Drew, who dislikes trying to explain what he does, is that when you have a book, you can just hand it to potential clients. No more trying to explain what coaching is. No more selling.


Exactly. If you’re interested in what I do, read my book. I'm not going to try and describe what I do. If you like my book, you'll come back. If not, see you later. It’s just so much cleaner and easier. This also weeds out potentially energy-draining clients – the people who come to you, asking question after question, confused. I used to waste a lot of time trying to satisfy these people. Now, I just tell them to read my book, and get back to me. The tire-kickers move on, the buyers follow through.


A book is like a gift that keeps on giving.

A client who published her book two years ago with us just wrote a blog post (that came from her book, of course). It was timely, got read by a television producer on social media and they started to research her. They went to her website, saw she was an author, and she was invited on the TODAY show the next week! (Meet her here!) Now the purpose of her book is to give her credibility speaking to the youth market. Guess what she sends out to decision makers? A copy of her book and a DVD of her on TV. Think that makes her stand out from the crowd? Of course it does! It starts with writing your book, now!

Also, once you break the seal with your book, it's amazing how fast you can create other things and information products that you can sell. Your book sells for a maximum of $25, but I sell my information product for about $400 using the exact same process and principles that we are teaching you in this program.


I have a coaching club that is the first level of people working with me. I send out a printed, eight-page newsletter that I write and a monthly CD. Both of those things are in the Very Cool Life Club, which goes with my book. Everything is branded in the same way.

I create an audio every month that is then sent out as a CD to the people who have read my book and liked it. I don't touch anything. I just send out the audio to this company we use to publish our books. The CD is processed and sent out to my subscribers all across the country and the world.

The profit from that is not making me millions, but easily pays my mortgage every month. And you know what? That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? My mortgage gets paid from two hours of work each month. All because I decided to go ahead and get my book done.

This is how we want you to think. Once you create this, it's just the beginning. This isn't about writing a book and saying, “Congratulations. You're an author.” This is about activating your entrepreneurial mind and leveraging your creations over and over. This is the new way to write your book.

An excerpt from me and my husband's new book called "Write Now!' How Writing Your Book NOW for Business is the Best Way to Attract More Money, Create a Rock-Solid Brand and Become a Go-To Expert in Your Field."

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Hope this has been helpful!

Karin (and Drew!)

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