Signs that your biz is telling you to write your damn book already

Sign #1 Your clients, friends and colleagues are always telling you to write a book. When you already have clients, and they're telling you this, you can use your book to begin to leverage your time and business.

IE create a group program and have your book's intention become a lead generator for your groups and events. (That's just one idea!) And um, hello? This is a very, very good sign!

Sign #2 What you do is a bit tricky to describe, given its transformational nature or outright complexity, and you're not a huge fan of trying to explain what you do.

If this is you, consider writing a book to simplify and clarify what it is you do for others, and for whom, and plan on using your book as a glorified business card.

(A lot of people in our Book program use the process to clarify their niche and rebrand.)

This will save you time, energy and boost your credibility when meeting potential referral partners, for networking and especially so if you're new in business.

And it will simplify your marketing. IE you could design all of your marketing to point to reading your book as an opt-in and first step to deciding if you're the right solution for them.


Sign #3 that your biz is saying "write yo book already!" :)) You find yourself saying the same thing, over and over again, with your clients (private or group.) This is usually when coaches, consultants and practitioners get a wee bit bored.

And the dark side of this situation is it's also when people start new things and throw out the stuff they're bored with. You know the saying, "don't throw out the baby with the bath water!" right?

Well this sign is telling you it's time to repurpose what you know, into a passive revenue stream like home study products or a book (that leads to a product or a course.) That's what one of our authors did. She actually didn't want any more clients and wanted a way to help the folks who couldn't afford her consulting fees.

Here's to living and creating your way,


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