How to Stop Saying Yes to Everything, and Start Saying Yes to the Right Things for YOU

What do you do when asked to "participate" in something but you're unsure if it will work for you? A client in my coaching Studio asked how to respond to an opportunity, that she felt might be a bit too much work, but she didn't want to turn it down either.

My rule of thumb is this: People are always going to ask you to "participate" (aka offer your services in some way) in the way that works for them. But you get to decide how you'll ultimately deliver your services.

I call this "the pivot." You respond with "yes energy" and appreciation for the invitation. Then you pivot and offer an idea of how you COULD participate (in a way that would work for them, but most importantly, that works for you too, because if it doesn't, you won't be in biz for long. It helps to see taking care of your biz like caring for a living breathing person, and it gives you courage to do things like this).

IE Someone asks me to present on X topic at a networking group. I don't want to talk about X topic. But I'd LOVE to talk about writing and self-publishing a book (because that's what Drew and I are currently focusing on - see how that works?).

So I respond with "Yes, thank you so much for inviting me to speak. I'd love to.... However, here's a topic I have found to be really relevant to XYZ folks, and I'd love to present on that topic or something similar to that. Might that work for you?" Something like that.

Sure, they may say no, but as long as it's a win-win for you and them, they mostly say yes.

Solopreneurs like us tend to say yes to most anything (hey, we love to share what we know!) but it's important to have some standards as to how you spend your energy in your biz so that it actually supports and nurtures you and your biz too, not just everyone else.

Hope this helps!