Your Relationship with Your Business. Let's Talk About It...

If your business was a relationship (and by asking that, I am suggesting that it IS one), how would you characterize it?

Is it the Casual Sex Relationship, where you’re settling for what you need, but never getting your deepest desire?

Is it the Chasing Prince Charming: where you’re hoping to find the ONE (perfect program, strategy, or guru that will make your biz)?

Is it the Bridesmaid: where you’re frustrated from doing all the “right things” that seem to work for everyone else, but never works for you in the end?

Or something else like The Flirt: where you’re going from training to training, spending all your money, changing your business’s focus with each shiny new idea, and never getting any real traction?

Or the He Won’t Marry Me: where you’ve had a business for a long time, feel stuck at “the same level,” and powerless to change it?

I've seen all of these and then some. And even "lived" a few of these myself.

I've got a handful more I want to share with you next week, but just for now, I've got two super easy, insightful questions to ask yourself.

1) If you could characterize the relationship that you have with your business NOW, what would that be?

You could borrow one of the above that I mentioned, or create your own. 2) How would you describe the relationship you WOULD LIKE TO HAVE with your business?

IE The kind of rock-solid marriage that's fun and frisky, and always there for you. One that you can fully trust and relax into. Something else?

Want to have fun with this?

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Or feel free to type in your thoughts in the comments below. I'd love to hear what you come up with.


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