Your wellness biz is a lot like kale…

You know if you plant kale in nutrient dense soil, you get really amazing kale, right? And you know that you can grow some kale too just by plopping some seeds in the ground and watering it now and again.

Now the difference is the quality of the result – one will create rich, vibrant, nutrient dense kale and the other will be a bit sad looking, and pale green (I should know! I’m a lousy gardener!).

But I bet you didn’t know that your wellness biz is a lot like kale in a garden.

Your program ideas, the marketing strategies you use and the results they yield depends on the quality of YOUR personal foundation.

Your personal foundation is the soil from which your vision for life as a successful wellness pro stems from.

A weak foundation, makes for not-so-hot or inconsistent results.

A strong foundation, creates a sense of ease, connection and fulfillment, financially and spiritually, from the work that you do.

Things like…

*Your relationship with money and marketing… making friends with money and marketing makes all the difference in your income.

*Your relationship with yourself and believing you are deserving of what you want… creates more flow and fun in your biz.

*Your relationship with your loved ones… as you grow personally and professionally, it’s essential to know how to let go of limitations from your past and how to inspire your loved ones to happily support your mission.

*Your relationship with your clients… shoring this area up with healthy boundaries prevents burnout and really weird client situations that make you want to quit the business.

I call this personal foundation stuff the 4 Core Relationships of the Successful Wellness Pro.

When I look back at all the 10+ years I’ve been coaching wellness pros, and I reflect as to why some people succeed and many, many others don’t, marketing is just one piece of it.

What creates successful results, is the quality of your personal foundation from which your marketing and mindset is built upon.

Without the 4 Core Relationships in place, nothing much seems to happen for the wellness pro. It’s like the marketing and the mindset never really take hold. Like a garden built on poor quality soil.

The thing is, having coached hundreds and taught thousands of wellness pros at wellness schools, I noticed that less than 5% of wellness pros are naturally strong in this.

I know I wasn’t when I started my health coaching practice in 1999. I made a boatload of mistakes that put me into debt and made me doubt anyone wanted what I had to offer.

I didn’t know a thing about money, time management, how to deal with clients, how to make my practice my own, how to manage my time, the entrepreneurial mindset I needed to embrace, or how to create and maintain good relationships while I grew personally and professionally. And to tell you the truth, I didn’t really believe that I deserved any kind of success.

But what ended up happening is my health coaching practice became the vehicle for growing up and creating a strong personal foundation.

And your practice can do the same for you, if you allow it.

Here’s to upgrading,