Ads and Collaborating with Your Colleagues

Love this article on how five Naturopathic Doctors split the fee of a full-page ad in their local community paper and generated new business. The focus of the ad was promoting their profession and debunking top 5 misunderstandings about naturopathy with an invitation for a free 15-minute "get acquainted" consultation at the office of their choice.  

This was an opportunity for local residents to confidently "check out" naturopathy, ask questions and decide if naturopathy was right for them. Many of which did become patients.

Each of the five physician logos and addresses where present at the bottom, so the reader could see who was closest to them.

Seems simple enough.

And what a powerful way to work together instead of competing with each other.

I think this would work for any wellness profession.

Here's the link to the full article.


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