Summer Biz Tip: "Back to School" Clothing Idea for Wellness Pros

Part 2 in a series of inspiring food-for-thought posts for when you’re focused on enjoying summer AND having a successful practice.

Most wellness pros take the time to figure out what colors they will use in their branding, website and print marketing materials.

Yet it’s also important to reflect on the best clothing colors that will represent you in the best possible light and, what colors will be an authentic expression of who you are and what you do.
Even if you wear only t-shirts and dress casually, the colors you wear have a profound influence on whether people say YES to your services and to working with you.
When you wear the right color for your skin tone, it draws people to you. It helps people relax and feel good around you. It also helps people understand you and your working style.
It's really a unique expression of who you are.
And let's face it: we live in a physical world and your clothing and the colors that you wear express a powerful message about you. We may not like that, but it's the way it is.
And so it is, when you wear the wrong colors, it can feel abrasive and a little off-putting. It can essentially feel "off-message".
This isn’t about fashion. It’s an energy thing.
The first place to start is to decipher if your color palette falls mostly within the Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer colors.
You only have to look at nature to see what colors express each season. You may be a bright Spring, or a light Spring. Or a end of Summer palette or look best in the colors of early Summer. Or a bold Autumn or quiet Winter. (I'm a Soulfully Rich Winter! Having a name like this helps me make good choices when I go shopping. You can make one up for yourself too.)
Where most people make a mistake is wearing colors they like, rather than what looks best on them.
And the color ends up wearing them, rather then enhancing the person behind the outfit.
So when it comes time to reflect on your branding and messaging this fall, consider spending a little time thinking about the colors you wear.
It really helps.
P.S. Need help with discovering what colors suit you best? Listen to me interview Kailash Sozzani, the woman who taught me the importance of color and wearing your own “feathers”, for The Wellness Professional Network. You'll learn how not everyone should wear "basic black", the four color seasons, each season's personality and much more. Take this call to the beach and let it inspire you to invest in clothing in colors that helps you feel and look your best.

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About the Author and Karin Witzig Rozell has been teaching health and wellness professionals how to grow their business since 2003. She started as a nutrition counselor who knew a lot about nutrition, but not a whole lot about business and marketing. After learning some tough lessons she cracked the code and now her passion is transforming practitioners into profitable business owners.

She is the founder of Wellness Professional Network, the go-to place for practitioners to learn the real-life business skills they didn’t teach in wellness school.

Karin is the author of The Fast Start to Clients Program and Karin lives in Upstate New York and enjoys working from home with her husband and son.

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New Expert Interview: Do What You Love Without Burning Out

escapebookNew Expert Interview is released to members today! WellProNet's Guest Expert is Dan Clements of and author of Escape 101: Sabbaticals Made Easy

Interview Topic: Do What You Love without Burning Out

Meet husband and wife team Dan Clements and Tara Gignac, ND.

Together, they own and operate StoneTree Clinic, a successful naturopathic clinic in Ontario, and they are the authors of the sabbatical how-to guide Escape 101, which has appeared in such places as The Wall Street JournalSuccess Magazine, and The Miami Herald, and been endorsed by best-selling authors like Timothy Ferriss (The 4-Hour Workweek).

Dan writes about health, private practice and lifestyle design in his blog called

I stumbled upon Dan's blog and found it rich in practical, valuable insights into being successful as a healer while still having a life.

I immediately bought his book and I'm absolutely loved it! It's superbly written, easy to digest and very inspiring.

More than that, he outlines how to take sabbaticals from your business without losing your money (or your peace of mind!).

Something I'm planning to do!

After all, what's the point of having a business for yourself if it doesn't allow you to live your life the way you want?

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Expert Interview: Kailash Sozzani on Wearing Your Best Colors, Nov 17

The next WellProNet Expert Interview has been completed and is ready to be shared with members! Kailash Sozzani and her husband Kaveen in their Tucson Home.

Topic: The Psychology of Color - How Wearing Your Best Colors Can Help Your Clients Say YES, Increase Your Confidence and Upgrade Your Professional Image

An Interview with Kailash Sozzani

Kailash helps soul-based women entrepreneurs (and a few cool gents) transform their image into a unique expression of who they are. She's not your typical image coach (in fact, she would never call herself that!) with lots of do's and don'ts and hard-n-fast rules. In her 2-day private retreats she shows you how to express your own essence in everything you wear.

I worked with Kailash as a special gift to myself once I hit a big milestone in my business. I learned so much from her about how to use color (I'm rebranding my marketing materials services website as a result), and how I can truly be myself in my business and my personal life. It has given me a new level of polish and confidence that I want you to experience as well. And the easiest place to start is learning about the psychology of color and what colors work best for you. You're going to love this interview!

In this WellProNet Member Only Event we’ll cover:

- The four seasons of colors (and which one you might be)

- How each season has a "personality" that shines through in the colors they wear

- How color you wear is not really about fashion, but it's an energy thing

- What colors create a positive affect in others - what's good for the stage, for private sessions, and how NOT everyone should wear basic black and so much more!

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Karin Witzig Rozell

Founder, The Wellness Professional Network

New Expert Interview Released! Wealth Creation for Wellness Pros

karenrussoI interviewed the phenomenal Rev. Karen Russo last week, Money Expert and author of The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, Freedom and Real Financial Power (endorsed by Dr. Michael Beckwith, Loral Langemeier and T. Harv Ecker). I shared this engaging conversation with WellProNet members as one of the first of many members-only "Expert Interviews".

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Her unique book The Money Keys unites wealth creation with universal spiritual principles.

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