Free Mindset Coaching for Women in Business


Would you like to learn more about how to use high-quality, therapeutic grade essential oils to help you cultivate courage, calm and confidence while running a coaching/consulting business and managing your life?

Are you curious about creating an additional income stream into your existing coaching, consulting or holistic health practice, but want to do so with an eye on staying on-message, keeping things simple and reassuringly peaceful in your life?

Consider joining my Happy Little Practice Essential Oil Community.

Essential oils have been a life saver in my business mindset and have pulled me back from the edge more than once.

Each month I host a free community call on using essential oils for your business mindset, mood and memory.

The first half I share specific ways I use oils to create a strong mental-game and give me the courage to do big things without burning myself out.

The second half of the call, I offer free business coaching on integrating essential oils into your existing business in a natural, on-message, and #happylittlepractice way.

Stay on for both, or join us for just one part of the call. Up to you!

The rest of the month we share and inspire each other in a small, but mighty, very private Facebook group on how to use our oils to nurture our minds, body and spirit as women in business (and the friends and family they share this with!)

This group is part women with a business and part my personal friends and family.

And you're invited.

To participate in this FREE monthly personal and professional coaching and community call, all you have to do is purchase a little starter kit of oils from yours truly.

I'm not exactly an essential oil expert, but I am expert in transforming mindset challenges for women who are making changes in their life, especially in their income, messaging and marketing.

I'm learning fast and I intend to share what I learn with you!

You can learn more about why I've integrated essential oils into my work day and personal life, and now my business life too, in the following link:

There you'll also learn how you can join me and participate in these free calls.

Once you place your first essential oil order, please send me the receipt and I'll add you to our private Facebook community and you'll have immediate access to past community call recordings and upcoming ones too.

Let's do this together!