9 Mindset Secrets to Writing AND Publishing a Book

Since my husband and I lead a free call on Writing and Publishing Your Book in 90 Days, it's clear to us that writing a book is a dream for many wellness pros… However, if you want to move dreaming about a book to holding a copy in your hands in a few months from now, there’s some things you need to do.

After the call, we’ve had the opportunity to connect with many self-employed wellness pros, coaches, consultants and other service based biz owners, and hear your thoughts and questions about our book writing program that begins in 15 days.

If you really want to become an author (and bring much more money into your business), then please read the rest of this post.

We’re going to address your questions (and fears!) and everything we’ve been hearing from you.

Many of which will create a mindset shift on what it takes to write a book AND get it published FAST.

Check it out…

(By the way, here’s the link to join us and access our free call recording: http://www.BookIn90Days.com/join/)


 1)    Am I really ready to write a book?

You’re as ready as you will ever be to write a book.

What if I put it to you this way?

Are you really ready to write that blog post? Think about it. While the notion of having to get super-prepared to write a blog post seems a bit silly, (of course you can write a blog post), that is essentially what you are doing when you write your book.

In either case, you’re just sharing an idea.

In the case of your book, you’re just going to go deep and expand on the one idea a bit more.


2)    I’m not sure I know enough.  

I’ve noticed that for lots of people who are in the business of helping others for a living, as much as they’d like to be seen (and paid!) like an expert, they are waiting around for someone or some big opportunity to come knocking on their door and anoint them.

Here’s the reality:

You are already an expert in something. You already have something valuable to share. No one is ever going to perceive you as an expert until you step into this role yourself.

The most powerful way we know to do this?

Write and publish a book!





3)    I know TOO much. How can I possibly put it ALL into ONE book?

I hear you. However, I want you to know, the reason this feels overwhelming, that is, the idea of finally becoming an author (a real author with your OWN book) and getting your book done QUICKLY, is because you're thinking about book writing in the wrong way.

The wrong way (at least for biz owners) is to put everything you know, or try to, into a tome of a book that you can be proud of.

The downside of that is...

- no one reads big books any more (who has time!?)

- creating a book in that way takes FOREVER, if it ever gets done (keeping you as the best kept secret in town)

- and trying to share EVERYTHING you know in one book, is incredibly paralyzing

We want you to pick a topic, just a small chunk of what you know (the part that is wildly interesting to your tribe).

This will ensure that your book topic and title invites people to pick it up, read it and get a sense of accomplishment from easily finishing it.

And (this is the most important part) we want your book to inspire your readers to take a specific action. IE - call you to become a client, join your membership club, buy more stuff from you, whatever you want.

That's what happened to Drew just the other day.

A guy from across the country read his book, booked a coaching day (for several thousand dollars) and now is deciding between a 10K-20K coaching contract.

Cool, huh?

So relax, you don’t need to share everything you know. Whew!

We’re going to show you how to do this.



4)    How do I know what topic to choose? What if I pick the wrong topic?

After the call, we got lots of messages from people thanking us, telling us that they we’re ready to write their books on their own without joining the program.

A few shared their book topic, title and ideas. While we applaud their enthusiasm, if we had to bet, if they indeed write these books they will end up feeling very disappointed because they were going to write on topics/titles that few people would be interested in.

In other words, while these folks have great ideas, understanding the best way to present your ideas is what determines a successful outcome from a disappointing one.

Please read that last sentence again. It can make or break your book’s success.

Again, you need to choose the RIGHT topic! (We will show you how!)

In fact, in order to ensure you DO pick the right topic, we decided to give EVERYONE in this program a private book coaching session with Drew.

In about 30 minutes or less, Drew will help you nail down your topic, title and/or outline.

Yep, he’s that good at it.

We’re clearing Drew’s schedule for November to make sure you’ve got this down BEFORE the Thanksgiving holiday.

In light of this we're limiting the program to 20 people.





5)    Who do I think I am? I’ve read the expert type books. I’m no Deepak, Wayne or other ENTER NAME OF GURU YOU ADMIRE.

Here are a few things to remember when this comes up…

Just because those experts have a book does not make them smarter than you. Or wiser than you.

It just means they made a very smart decision to write a book.

And what you probably don’t know is that in almost ALL cases, they weren’t well known BEFORE they wrote the book. (Read that again!)

Also understand that every expert (who gets paid well) has a book.

Stop and think about this for a second.

Think about the person in your field that you most admire,  respect, and consider really successful.

Does this person have a book? Of course they do.

Guess what?

For you to get where you want to go, at some point, you’re going to need a book.

Start now.

We’re going to take you through this process and guide you every step of the way.





6)    I’m not sure how writing my book will make me money, beyond selling copies of the book.

If you want to be wildly successful in your field, you need to understand the following point. (If you do not wish to be wildly successful , you can stop reading this now).

A book is really just the beginning…

When you write your book in the right way, it will require you to start thinking differently.

(This is what our program is REALLY about, by the way!)

Specifically, thinking like a successful entrepreneur. One who leverages their time, energy and makes money.


First, your book, if you write it with us, will get you out of the trading “time for dollars” business model, by positioning you as the expert you are and give more people an opportunity to experience your great work.

Second, in our program, you’ll create a book that is designed to motivate people to invest in your services and products.

Don’t have any products to sell? No problem. The third idea of writing the book in our program,  is to inspire you to start creating information products by using the same design files and vendor relationships you’ll create in this program. Info-products sell for hundreds and thousands of dollars. It’s a game changer.

And lastly, we’ll be teaching you all the different, creative ways to make money with your book, no matter where you are in your business.

You won’t have to figure this out on your own.



 7)    I’m not sure I can write a best-selling book. I’m not that great of a writer.

Most people write a book with hopes of hitting the bestseller list and becoming rich and famous. While that’s the hope, it also a major stumbling block. After all, you don’t know the first thing about writing a bestseller, do you?

For lots of people, this daunting notion that their book needs to be an all-time classic is what keeps them from writing anything.


The RIGHT way to write your book means that you understand that when done correctly, the purpose of your book isn’t to try to get on the best-seller list. (Although that’s very cool if that happens!)

The purpose of a book, for business owners in particular, is to give people valuable information about a subject that you (and they) love. And by the time they finish your book, the logical conclusion in their mind is to invest more into your programs and services.

Consider this: I can make more money from one new client who’s read my book than 99% of the authors in the world who only make money from selling their books.

This is because I understood what the book is designed to do before I even wrote it, and as a result, I wrote the RIGHT book.


8)    Can’t I do this on my own?

Of course you can do this on your own. As we’ve been saying, there really is nothing especially difficult about this.

But consider this…

Right this minute, do you know how to get your book on a Kindle or an iPad? Do you know the best way to get your book printed and distributed without you having to buy hundreds of copies upfront? Do you know what it should cost to have your book formatted? Do you have a plan for how you will use your book to make more money?

We do.

We invested A LOT of time and money learning the answers to all these questions, many of which you have not begun to consider. And we can tell you from experience that making one mistake will likely cost you more than what we’re charging for the entire program.

For the serious business owner who values their time, this program is an investment, not an expense.



 9)    Why do I need the structure of this program?

We heard from some people that they we’re not sure they needed the structure of this program to write their book.

Shortly after the start of 2012, members of this program will get a box in the mail. They will rip it open and feel the thrill of holding their creation, their new book, in their hands for the first time. Later there will be a celebratory toast…

Going forward, their business will have a much clearer identity and focus and they will have many ways to make money from this creation.

And they will be published authors; experts in their fields.

Will you?

Here’s to becoming authors in 2012!


Karin and Drew




About the Authors:

Karin Witzig Rozell is a Marketing Materials Maven, branding wiz and all around wellness marketing queen for wellness pros. She’s a former wellness pro, who knew nothing about business and transformed her hard-learned lessons into practical wisdom. She is on a mission to prevent others from making the same mistakes. She founded the Wellness Professional Network (WellProNet.org), designed to teach wellness pros all the business stuff they didn’t teach in school. She is happily married to Drew, and lives in the beautiful foothills of the Adirondacks with their son, and their furry pets. She is Drew’s city slicker turned country gal who won’t touch a pair of Carharts with a ten-foot pole.

Drew Rozell, Ph.D. is one cool dude. He’s the author of the # Amazon.com bestseller, The Very Cool Life Code and founder of the Very Cool Life® line of products and coaching programs. He has been a successful professional coach to entrepreneurs and other progressive thinkers for nearly 15 years. As a social psychologist, he’s a college professor turned entrepreneur and brings his laid back (yet edgy) style when coaching clients to live life on their own terms. He likes to hike. A lot. When he’s not coaching and hangin’ with the family, he’s climbing the high peaks of the Adirondacks. He is Karin’s Mountain Man.