Expert Interview: Kailash Sozzani on Wearing Your Best Colors, Nov 17

The next WellProNet Expert Interview has been completed and is ready to be shared with members! Kailash Sozzani and her husband Kaveen in their Tucson Home.

Topic: The Psychology of Color - How Wearing Your Best Colors Can Help Your Clients Say YES, Increase Your Confidence and Upgrade Your Professional Image

An Interview with Kailash Sozzani

Kailash helps soul-based women entrepreneurs (and a few cool gents) transform their image into a unique expression of who they are. She's not your typical image coach (in fact, she would never call herself that!) with lots of do's and don'ts and hard-n-fast rules. In her 2-day private retreats she shows you how to express your own essence in everything you wear.

I worked with Kailash as a special gift to myself once I hit a big milestone in my business. I learned so much from her about how to use color (I'm rebranding my marketing materials services website as a result), and how I can truly be myself in my business and my personal life. It has given me a new level of polish and confidence that I want you to experience as well. And the easiest place to start is learning about the psychology of color and what colors work best for you. You're going to love this interview!

In this WellProNet Member Only Event we’ll cover:

- The four seasons of colors (and which one you might be)

- How each season has a "personality" that shines through in the colors they wear

- How color you wear is not really about fashion, but it's an energy thing

- What colors create a positive affect in others - what's good for the stage, for private sessions, and how NOT everyone should wear basic black and so much more!

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Karin Witzig Rozell

Founder, The Wellness Professional Network