The Art and Science of Filling Your Events and Programs, Dec 3

If you're a wellness pro, you may send out an email or two when you’re hosting a class or trying fill a workshop or program. Maybe you’ll even post the event on Facebook, mention it in your newsletter or put up a few flyers in your community.

Unfortunately, as you may have experienced, this doesn't fill your events.

So why have you held back?

Maybe you worry a lot about bothering your list...

Perhaps you don’t want to appear sales-y, pushy or aggressive in your marketing...

Or maybe you don’t want people to think they are doing their work only for the money...

And it could be that promoting something that’s so close to your heart can feel a little vulnerable to share with the world.

I understand this, and I feel this way too.

However, in order to be able to continue helping people for a living, you must learn how to market effectively and in an authentic way.

Otherwise, you’ll eventually end up with a very expensive hobby instead of a real business that supports you, your family and your ability to make a difference.

The solution: Create a marketing campaign for each of your events and fill them!

In this Members Only WellProNet Tele-Training, I’ll teach you how to:

-      Plan a campaign using a simple calendar, a pencil and a few free/low-cost internet marketing tools

-      Choose what internet and local marketing tools you will use to fill your event (You don’t have to use them all!)

-      Plant the seeds of your upcoming event to ensure it’s successful lift off (Most people never do this and it is critical!)

-      Discover the simple marketing secrets to use with full integrity that inspires people to say YES to your offer (Without these, people just don’t sign up.)

-      Understand the psychology and rhythm of when, how and why people sign up for events (This will give you a new found understanding of why people do what they do and the courage to do so.)

-      And lots more!

Won’t you join us?

This 75 minute tele-training is free for members of The Wellness Professional Network.

When? Thursday, Dec 3rd, 2009 Noon Eastern

Can’t make it? No problem. I record and transcribe each tele-training. Members can access them as often as they want.

So don’t miss out! It’s super affordable and absolutely necessary for you to learn these types of skills to make your private practice fly. (And take it into the 21st century!).

Click here to find out if this one-of-a-kind network of progressive wellness pros is where you want to be.

To join this call you need to become a member. And I would love to have you join us.

You’re going to love learning about marketing and making more money as an authentic wellness pro.

Hope to see you there!

Karin Witzig Rozell

Founder, The Wellness Professional Network