Free Teleclass: 8 Money and Marketing Secrets to Jumpstart Your Practice, Jan 8

Come learn what you MUST set up in your first one to three years of wellness practice in order to transform opportunities into real, lasting success. If you've ever asked yourself anyone of these questions...

"What do I do first?" (By the way, it's probably not what you think.)

"What's my niche or target market?" (HINT: The answer is NOT everyone!)

"How do I price and design my services to sell?" (There's a secret to this that few practitioners know about.)

"What affordable marketing strategies work for authentic practitioners like me?" (I hear so many wellness pros wasting money on expensive and ineffective advertising!)

"How do I get it all done without giving up my quality of life?" (So important for us health and wellness nuts!)

If any of those questions crossed your mind, then I've got the answers for you. 

On this call I'll also be introducing my new January 2010 program called:

"The Fast Start Guide to Clients: 8 Weeks to Jumpstart Your Private Practice in Holistic Health and Wellness" 

All health and wellness pros are welcome to the call. 

You are welcome to just come hang out and listen to my tips and insights about what it takes to succeed in the wellness field.

And for those of you who are serious about making a great living sharing your passion for wellness, you'll want to stay untill the end when I'll share with you all about my Fast Start program that begins in January. 

Here are the call-in details: 


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Talk with you soon!

Karin Witzig Rozell Founder AKA The Marketing Materials Maven