New Expert Interview Released! Wealth Creation for Wellness Pros

karenrussoI interviewed the phenomenal Rev. Karen Russo last week, Money Expert and author of The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, Freedom and Real Financial Power (endorsed by Dr. Michael Beckwith, Loral Langemeier and T. Harv Ecker). I shared this engaging conversation with WellProNet members as one of the first of many members-only "Expert Interviews".

Rev. Karen Russo, is what I playfully call, my "Minister of Money," and she is gifted in discussing wealth creation for conscious business owners.

Her unique book The Money Keys unites wealth creation with universal spiritual principles.

Reading her book was nothing short of transformational for me. So I just HAD to ask her to share her wisdom with WellProNet members. And she did!

You can listen-in to this interview on the topic of leading your wealth and balancing the masculine and feminine energies of wealth creation.

You will enjoy a deep, fascinating conversation about leading your financial health as a self-employed wellness pro.

And as a special gift, Rev. Russo was generous to give WellProNet members a special savings on her books, products and services.

This interview is absolutely free for members of The Wellness Professional Network.


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