Weekend Sale! New Home Study Course

Okay, okay, I'm sorry! I've been getting emails asking why I only released my home study course yesterday to a select group of people.

Let me explain...

I only meant to treat my close clients and their friends a little extra special.

But I guess it kinda back fired.

Now I have a bunch of wellness pros breathing down my neck, sending me notes on facebook and writing my assistant.

Even one from the Ukraine!

So to make up for any misunderstanding, not only am I opening the doors right NOW, I'm also giving you the client and friends coupons to save BIG.

Below is the pre-sale invitation I sent to my clients yesterday, including the $100 off coupon that ends this Sunday, August 7th, at Midnight.

Check it out... (and now you can stop emailing me already.) :)


I feel so neked. ;)

If you read my email from earlier this week, then

you know what I’m referring to. (I hope the ninja

mindset secrets were helpful. I received quite a

few funny emails from that!)

Now I’m finally ready to pull back the curtains.

Introducing my new home study course…

The Fast Start to Clients Program:

8 Weeks to Jumpstart Your Practice Success in

Holistic Health and Wellness

I created it to help you re-design and re-launch

your business around what really works in the

wellness field (or show you the ropes if you’re a

newbie) WITHOUT a fancy pants website, WITHOUT a

brand and WITHOUT needing an amazing social media


Things like how to charge, creating programs that

sell, what to say in your first session to have

people say YES, how to invite people to that first

session in a variety of different and effective

ways and lots of mindset stuff to help your inner

game too.

It’s my “keep it simple and get your practice off

the ground” program.

You can go here now to check it out:


And because you’re one of my special “advance

notice” friends, I want to give you first dibs on

a few bonuses…

1)       The Weekend Sale - Only for you and your friends!

If you want a copy for yourself or perhaps you

would like to share your “in the know” good

fortune with a friend, I’m offering $100 off the

program for this weekend only Aug 5-7 (full-pay option


This weekend sale will expire this Sunday, August 7th at


You can use it yourself and/or share with a friend

or two or three or more.

When you check out, just enter the word “friend”

in the coupon box -and the online shopping cart

will calculate your savings.

Please note, this is for the full-pay option only.

2)       Free Shipping!

Until this Sunday, August 7th, Midnight I’m

offering free shipping on the full pay AND 3-pay


That’s an additional savings of $16 - $32,

depending where you live.

Enter the coupon code: "shipfree" when you check out

(I love free shipping, don’t you?)

3)       The First 30 People…

The first 30 people who take action and grab a

copy will be invited to a small group coaching

call in September to ask me ANYTHING about their

business and this program.

I love these intimate coaching calls with plenty

of time for in-depth Q&A.

I think they’re fun and my clients find them very

rich in practical step-by-step support and biz

wisdom from my 10+ years of self-employment and 5+

years as a wellness pro.

My assistant Heidi will notify you next week if

you’re one of the first 30.

I wanted to give you a head start before I open

this up to my entire email list next week.

4)       And just for fun…

When you grab your copy, you’ll start receiving a

few of my “get the most out of this program” email

tips to keep you focused on results while you wait

for the mail carrier to hand deliver your materials.

I’ll share my nerdy little secrets that I turn to,

time and time again, to ensure I get results from

the many home study courses I invest in each year.

My clients love it when I share this stuff.

Alright, get to it!

Here’s the link again:


And don’t forget the coupon codes above!

(You'll need to type them in, one at a time)

They expire this Sunday night.

Got questions? Email my assistant Heidi at

Members@WellProNet.com and she’ll help you out.

To your success,


P.S. Make sure you check out the quirky video I

did from my observation deck on our property.

It’s here: http://faststarttoclients.com

Just click on the picture at the top of that page.

You’ll see where I live! :)


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