Free Call: Is Success in Biz AND love possible? Feb 11

It totally is. 

And I'm living proof of it.

This Thursday, Feb 11th at 8pm Eastern Time, I'll be interviewed by Relationship Expert Michelle Conboy of Relationship on what I learned in love as a self-employed woman.

The reason I agreed to share pretty candidly about this topic is that it's something that comes up A LOT for my clients in private practice, and it's something I've struggled with in the past.

For me, I used to think that if I was successful, I'd be alone.

And so I would unconsciously self-sabotage my biz efforts to ensure I kept my relationship happy.

Or at other times, I would make everyone in my life play second fiddle to my real true love - my work!

Either way - the results weren't great.

If you ever wondered how you can balance love and achieving professional success, I think you'll find this interview pretty darn inspiring and rich in practical insights.

I'll be sharing what I learned, what I'm still working on, and how you can really have it all - a great love life and do meaningful work that makes you a great living.

Here's the link to join this free call:


To your success,