Glamour, luxury branding not required to create 6 figs


Today's insight about your marketing and mindset is simple.

You don't need glamour shots or have luxury branding to create 6-figures.

There's nothing wrong with that if that's your jam.

However, this message is for you if you're not trying to create celebrity status, build an empire, nor are you trying to become a CEO.

Again, nothing at ALL wrong with that, but that's not what I teach.

I stand firm that even if you want a big business, you must FIRST learn how to create a Happy LITTLE Practice.

As Marianne Williamson once said, "before you can manage a large following, you must first learn how to manage a small following."

If this is good news to you, this should be a relief.

So in the spirit of keeping it real and relieving some pressure...

Here's what you DO need to create a steady 6-figures without the glamour and luxury branding:

A powerful, moving ONE THING YOU DO message that solves a real major life or business problem for a specific group of people. No exceptions.

A way of solving this program with your work, like a start-to-finish program, beyond charging by the hour.

A way of communicating about your message that opens doors, like being invited to speak about what you do.

A way of getting in front of your ideal clients, at least twice per month, like giving great little talks. (This is the foundation to bigger things like webinars, speaking from the stage, etc)

A clean, modern and up-to-date looking website that serves to back up your primary marketing strategy and creates first appointments.

A way of keeping-in-touch and inviting people to leave their email address with those who aren't quite ready yet to hire you, like an ON-MESSAGE email newsletter.

And a whole lot of mindset work to ensure you don't chicken out at the first challenge or feeling of discomfort.

I'll leave with this.

One of my mentors once told me this: Fill your bank account, not your ego.

Doing this will create what you want without empire building, without working full-time hours (if you don't want to) and with plenty of time for family and nurturing self-care.

Get in touch if you're my kind of gal, and if you think you might want my help setting all of this up.

I specialize in simplifying and operationalizing a small, but mighty practice.

And it always starts with making sure your message is clear, moving and effective.

I've got 1 spot left for August, then booking for September start dates.



PS - I teach a webinar on this small practice, big results philosophy. Check it out if you haven't already.