Let's be ready for each other.


In the early days of my coaching business, I was all over the place.

I drove all over for opportunities.

I didn't know any better, and quite frankly, I thought that's what I should do to build my business: say YES to EVERY THING.

But when it came time to talk to my coach, who I scrapped together the little money I had to pay for, I always pulled over in a quiet parking lot, had my notebook ready and was prepared for my coaching call.

It was not ideal. Looking back, I should have not done those calls, on the go, but I was new and was still learning how to organize my time, still learning how to do this coaching thing without a boss telling me exactly what to do each day.


I did not call while driving.

I did not multi-task while talking to her.

I did not call with a noisy back ground.

I did not feel perfectly organized, but I knew to enough to stop the car, breathe, focus and get ready to get real, open up, ask questions, listen and receive.

I did not have it together by any stretch, but I parked the car 10-15 minutes ahead of time, usually in a grocery store lot, gathered my thoughts and made sure to be prepared.

This is some basic stuff people.

Be ready for your coach.

If you have trouble with this, probably don't start a business.

(Or at least, be very willing to up-level your skillset in this area fast, or nothing you invest in will work.)

On the flip side, if you are a new coach, and you receive calls from your client, please be ready for them.

Please have a place that is your home base for your computer, paperwork you might need, pen, paper, and the calls you make/receive (even if it's a tiny corner of your bedroom).

Many coaches tell me they don't have a designated space. And they set up shop each day in a different spot of their home. These are also the coaches that do not consistently earn enough money.

I'm sharing this from almost 19 years of professional coaching experience; showing up for potential client calls (the ones I flubbed, the ones that were great, the ones that left me baffled); this is from showing up to receive coaching (open, willing, imperfect), showing up to coach clients (steady and ready) and the patterns I've noticed.

Let's be ready for each other. You for me, your client. Me for you, your coach.