Does Making a Difference = Giving Away Your Services?

Many health and wellness professionals struggle charging for their services because their services are about making a difference. It's not your fault, chances are, this message was a subsconsious part of your training and possibly a shared limiting belief among colleagues.

Here are few other ways to look at this:

- If you want to be making a difference in any dedicated way, you need to be paid well for your services.

- Your services are not only about making a difference, they are responsible for paying your bills, your mortgage, and funding your ability to live your mission.

- Without your ability to make money, you can not be well taken care of and therefore you can't really live your mission.

- If you're a good person, who wants to run a business the right way and contribute positively with what you do, you must be able to make money. Otherwise you'll be out of business.

- Your services and products are your intellectual property and you deserved to be paid well just like anyone else.

- Money only enhances who you are. If you're a jerk, you'll become an even bigger jerk. If you're good person, you'll use that money well to care for yourself, your family and fund your mission.

So consider this: Making a diffference does NOT mean you have to be poor. In the field of healing arts, making money is actually a sign that you're making a difference.

To your continued success,


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