Easy Marketing Idea and The Best New Year's Gift

I was checking my phone messages and was absolutely moved by what one of my vendors said on my voice mail.

A staff member from the company that owns the two Inns where I host my Biz Breakthrough Retreats each year, left me a warm and friendly message saying how much they appreciated my business in 2011 and that they hoped they could have the pleasure of working with me again in 2012, and ended the call wishing me a Happy New Year.

No offers, no up sales, no gimmicks, just a nice, heartfelt message of appreciation.

It blew me away because almost no one ever does this anymore. That is, simply reaching out to say thanks without some sort of up sell.

If you're looking for a way to connect with your clients, past and present, this is a really good one. (I like to do this during Thanksgiving but January works just as well.)

It costs very little, if only a little time and stamps if you plan on do this in written form via a hand written note.

It's an easy way to stand out, make you and your work memorable and bring a serious dose of authenticity and connection to your marketing.

Love it.

Here's to a wonderful year ahead,


About the Author and WellProNet.com: Karin Witzig Rozell has been teaching health and wellness professionals how to grow their business since 2003. She started as a nutrition counselor who knew a lot about nutrition, but not a whole lot about business and marketing. After learning some tough lessons she cracked the code and now her passion is transforming practitioners into profitable business owners.

She is the founder of Wellness Professional Network, the go-to place for practitioners to learn the real-life business skills they didn’t teach in wellness school.

Karin is the author of The Fast Start to Clients Program and Karin lives in Upstate New York and enjoys working from home with her husband and son.