Upgrade How to Talk About What You Do

Here's a quick tip for upgrading how you talk about what you do. Most wellness pros use the word "help" or "teach" when referring to their services.

For example, "I help people lose weight using my unique 7-step nutrition for weight loss system I created after losing 100 pounds."

I used the word "help" for years and years.

And I used the word "teach" too.

I've recently realized these words are negative triggers. Meaning, they trigger a negative response in the person who hears them.  It's subtle yet very powerful to notice. See if you can notice the difference in the following descriptions...

The word "help" implies someone needing help, or perhaps being unable to do something (and feeling like a failure) and frankly, most people don't like admitting they need help, nor do they like asking for help. And the word "help" also attracts people who "need help." (Read: may be needy and energy draining.)

The word "teach" reminds people of school. And how many of us have had wonderful experience in school? I can only remember two teachers in all of my pre-college days that really made a positive impact on me. Unfortunately, most did not. Let's not remind people of their days in school. Most of us didn't love the experience.

So what's the alternative?

Use the word "show".

"I show people how to..."

The word show is more active, positive and implies that it's for people who only need to be shown what to do and they can take it from there. By the way, these are always the very best clients to work with.

And the word "show" also clearly stears away from "therapy" and "helping" talk.

Try it out for yourself and see if you can notice a difference.

To your success,


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About the Author and WellProNet.org: Karin Witzig Rozell has been teaching health and wellness professionals how to grow their business since 2003. She started as a nutrition counselor who knew a lot about nutrition, but not a whole lot about business and marketing. After learning some tough lessons she cracked the code and now her passion is transforming practitioners into profitable business owners using the power of authentic marketing strategies. In 2009, she expanded her private practice and launched The Wellness Professional Network as the go-to place for practitioners to learn about making more money doing what they love.  Karin lives in Upstate New York and works from home with her husband who also runs a successful coaching business.