Inspiring TV: Facing the Fear of "Getting Out There"


I started watching the HBO series "John Adams" the other day. Have you seen it? It’s really great.

One scene in particular really made me think about wellness pros…

Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Ben Franklin are sitting around, tossing around words, ideas and editing the draft of the United States Constitution that Jefferson put together.

It struck me that they were people like you and I, with an idea, a finger on the pulse of what their neighbors wanted, and the guts to put their thoughts to paper.

Then they summoned the nerve to visit the Big Kahuna of their time, the King of England (who was not at all happy with them), and pretty much said “Yeah, we’re gonna do our own thing.”

Seeing this powerful history re-enacted reminded me of how professionals in private practice go through a similar process.

You notice a trend. Get an idea. Put your ideas on a website. And then go tell people about it.

Sometimes people scoff and laugh at you.

Most times you’re shaking in your boots about really going for it.

But you do it anyways.

All of this made me wonder…

If a bunch of people got together and summoned the nerve to start their own country and tell the most powerful man of their time to beat it, well, couldn’t I summon the nerve to take my next step in my business goals?

I mean really.

Putting up a new website can’t really be that terrifying, when you compare it to starting your own country. :)

Puts it all in perspective, doesn't it?

Here’s to ALL of us taking our next shaking-in-our-boots step.


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