Operational effectiveness for a one-woman business


Meet my client.

Let's call her Jane.

She knows how to coach. (Been well trained, multiple certifications, and confident in her abilities)

She knows how to speak. (Took a speak from the stage training, taught workshops, classes and college level courses).

She has clear ideas on how to market. (Been given templates from her coaching school for writing articles, how to give a talk, set up a website, social media presence and more.)

However, something was missing that was creating a lot of anxiety and alternate bouts of "freezing up" and "anxiety induced overworking".

In fact, she says, she didn't realize it was missing until she started working with me.

It's this: operationalizing your one-person coaching business.

The day to day, putting all the pieces together in a simple, effective and repeatable way.

Things like... YOUR TIME how to use your time when you have less then 5 to 6 hours a day. Your marketing time, your client time, your admin time, your creative time.

Things like... YOUR MARKETING how to actually do your marketing consistently and get really good at ONE thing and get ONE thing to work

Things like... YOUR CLIENTS how to organize how you see clients (new clients, renewing clients, returning clients, etc), systemize it as you go so you don't feel run over and worn out from changing lives for a living (what you can pull off at 5 clients at a time is different then 16 a time)

Things like... YOUR MINDSET how to manage your mind and emotions EACH DAY on the road to success so you can withstand the uncertainty that comes with the territory (the first few years of breaking even and then when you go beyond that and have to learn how to "keep it going")

Things like... YOUR FOCUS how to choose your message, your audience and focus your offers and
everything you do so you have a chance of financially succeeding in a saturated marketplace

How do you essentially operationalize your happy little practice?

How do you put it all together?

I got the small practice, big money thing down.

I've got a system for setting it all up and then keeping it going.

Am I perfect? Heck no.

Does working for myself make me feel BIG feelings more often then not? Heck yes. About half of the time!

But I've got a system for handling that as well.

So here's how to simplify all of this.

Most coaches/practitioners like to teach occasional classes and enjoy sharing what they know.

Most coaches/practitioners like talking with people and connecting with them.

If all you need to create to be happy in business is a 100K - 200K coaching business, on less than full-time hours, then leverage what you like to do (teach and connect with people) and focus two things in your marketing:

ONE direct marketing strategy like giving two to three talks every month.

ONE keep-in-touch strategy like sending your newsletter twice per month.

That's enough.

That. Is. Enough.

However, you cannot give a bunch talks on generic topics.

That will not work and is why most coaches who like to speak eventually switch to another marketing strategy (and then another, and then another, etc...)

Instead, learn how to give a SIGNATURE TALK that is designed to educate, enlighten and create private clients. (And hey, eventually group clients if you like)

Once you've nailed that down, and it's working for you, you can take this show on the road and apply it to Facebook ads or go national and present your webinar to groups outside of your region.

Will it be easy-peasy?


Can it be simple?


And simple is doable.

If you think you'd like to turn your passion for teaching and connecting with people and speak your message as your way to create clients, then let me show you how to do this. From A to Z and nothing left out.

Check out my GreatLittleTalks.com website that will answer your basic questions.

If you'd like to talk this over, and see if it makes sense for you, get in touch here.

I have some time this Friday to talk.

Imagine having a plan in hand, a guide by your side (moi!) and beginning to fill your calendar with speaking engagements that give you an opportunity to create clients.

Here's to simplifying everything,


P.S. For nearly all of my clients, my coaching in the Great Little Talks program is pays for itself with just one or two clients.