The types of non-marketing convos I have with clients...


4 Things I've talked about with clients just this week

What kind of business owner are you?

Tony Robbins said, there are 3 types of business owners and it's essential to know which one you are.

The CEO, the Manager, and the Artist.

Me and my clients? We are artists.

And we choose to see ourselves as successful artists.

And a successful artist is inevitably a business.

DISTINCTION: Instead of convincing people that your "art" is valuable and priceless, go for people who already have an appreciation for your kind of art. Big difference.

You're supposed to feel discomfort from time to time.

Now, more than ever before, you don't have to feel anything you don't want to.

You can simply eat something, drink something, take something, watch something, and generally check out and numb out in any number of ways.

Unless, of course you choose to focus your work, stop chasing big and go boutique.

When you focus in this way, you are choosing to look your doubt right in the face and talk right back to it.

This is like seeking discomfort.

It's what athletes do to up level their performance.

It's what artists do to step into new roles.

It's what toddlers deal with when they're learning to walk.

And in your case, it's a sign you're awake, alive and engaged in the process of creating the business that you're meant to create.

Welcome to your new normal. And I'm right there with you.

It's easier when you have me whispering what to say to that voice of doubt.

No, we don't fight with it. We include her at the table. But she doesn't get to sit at the head of the table.

You do.

DISTINCTION: Choose your discomfort. The discomfort of being somewhat successful. Or the discomfort of going for it. Only one path makes you feel ALIVE and AWAKE.

Focusing your message, audience and offers is like becoming a minimalist.

In world that says MORE is the answer...

...Buy more, be more, do more, click more, it can feel like you've gone minimalist to focus on ONE THING to become known for.

So many great ideas, so many directions you could go in.

But what's so great about having so many ideas?

Everyone has them.

So what?

I'm not impressed by having many ideas.

I'm impressed by people who see ONE idea through and bring it to market.

Let go of the tyranny of having so many ideas.

It's a false illusion of security.

It has you staying in your head.

Instead, feel the relief from simplifying your work around ONE MESSAGE and create a simple business that allows you to deliver it with crushing your personal life.

It won't be easy-peasy, but building anything of substance and longevity is never easy.

Building a great garden, a child, a marriage, a friendship, a home... none of it is easy.

DISTINCTION: Less ideas, but better, more focused ideas works better for a one woman business.

When does your business need your love the most?

When it's successful, full of ideal clients and raking in the dough?

No, that's when it's easy to love.

Your business needs most of your love during the times of uncertainty, doubt, and second guessing.

Just like any relationship.

How you handle the hard times can make or break the relationship.

And your business is a kind of relationship.

It's a living, breathing entity.

It's easy to love it when it's all happy-go-lucky.

It's easy to feel deflated and lose your nerve when it's not acting in the way your imagined it would.

DISTINCTION: Think of a challenging situation in your business. Ask yourself, "what would love do?"

Want help refocusing your work, your message and what you're here to do?

Need a resident champion, marketing guide and get out of your head business coach?

Now is the time.

Summer is upon us.

Use this time wisely to set yourself up for an amazing fall.

Don't fall asleep on your business or your dream.

Stay awake and engaged.

It takes a village.

Create your village.

Or join mine.

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