If you dream of writing a book, open this...


We’re doing it again!

Version 2.0 of our Write and Publish Your Book in 90 Days Program is set to take off on April 11th, Noon eastern with a FREE call on everything you need to know if now is the right time to make your dream come true.

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You know, we haven’t met a coach, consultant, wellness pro or self-employed individual without a deep, burning desire to write a book. And we bet you probably feel the same way too.

So we’re going to make it easy for you.

If you’re self-employed, run your own business or private practice, and you’ve dreamed of writing a book, on this free call, we’re going to share important information about how to write AND publish your book that not only grows your business, but catapults you into expert status.

Things like…

  • What your book is really designed to do for your business (it’s not what you think and this alone will help you finally GET IT DONE and save you so much time, energy and money!)


  • Why self-publishing is THE WAY TO GO (and how you can skip the ENTIRE losing, humiliating game of trying to find an agent, publisher and then get very little in return for your efforts).


  • Why those “contribute an article to get published with Wayne Dyer” type compilation books (which you have to PAY to get into!) don’t do anything for your business


  • Secrets of choosing a THE topic from your overwhelming list of potential book ideas


  • How you never have to deal with writer’s block EVER when you use the style and formats we’ve discovered work BEST and are easy to do


  • How writing your book outline IN THE RIGHT way, will unveil your entire book’s content and will practically write itself (seriously!)


  • The mindset you’ll want to embody to GET R DONE (as we say in the North Country) in 90 Days (Don’t believe the hype that you need to spend a year or two working on your book. We’re successful entrepreneurs who have a life too and we promise, you can do this.)


  • The #1 self-publishing tool we have fallen in love with that’s free to use, makes you look like a pro, is totally automated and prevents you from having to order 1000 copies of your book or more and pray you can sell them (This alone is mind blowing for our clients)


  • How publishing your book in 90 Days will create a breakthrough in your message, brand and being seen as an expert (It did for the 25+ people in our last book program!)


  • Book design tips that will help your book self itself (this alone can make or break your book’s success)


  • Examples of how you can use your book to grow your business (and why YOU MUST know how you’ll use your book or else it’s a big fat waste of time)


  • And the 7 steps Karin and Drew developed after writing their own books, creating info products and integrating their products into their respective, 6-figure coaching business

Come on over and get wise about the book writing and publishing process and see if now is the time you make your dream come true.

Join us here and get the complete details for the April 11th call: http://www.Bookin90Days.com


Hope to *see* you there! :)

Karin and Drew

Drew Rozell, Ph.D., founder of http://www.VeryCoolLife.com

Karin Witzig Rozell, founder of http://www.WellProNet.org