Finish My Basement Sale - New beginnings for you and me ($100 off my Fast Start Program)


There's a lot of construction noise going on in my house right now.

Banging, wizzing, hammering, and more.

We've started renovations on our unfinished basement to give us a bit more breathing room on the main floor of our house.

Drew is going to move his office downstairs and Alex, my 18 month old, is going to have his own room (and I'll get my master bathroom back.)

Um, yeah, you read correctly. Alex has his crib, dresser, etc... set up in our master bathroom.

Don't laugh! It sounds worse than it really is. The bathroom IS the size of a small bedroom after all.

Anyways, as you can imagine, paying for a basement and all the fixin's, isn't cheap.

So what's a marketing nerd to do?

Have a sale!

This week only, I'm offering $100 off my Fast Start to Clients home study program (full pay option only).

I'll send you a few more reminders, because the sale will end this Friday, March 16th at Midnight.

Just go to and when you check out, click on the full pay option and enter coupon code "basement".

That will take off the $100 savings. Here's to new beginnings (in my basement and in your biz),



PS - I've added a new bonus with the home study course. Once per month I'll host an open Q&A call, just for people who invested in this program. So you don't have to worry about doing this alone and can get my feedback on anything you're learning. The next one is in two weeks!