Half-Day and Full-Day of Mentoring Now Available

If you’re feeling stuck, or dying to make a change in your coaching business or holistic health practice and unsure how to do so, or you simply need to get out of your head and iron out the next right steps for YOU, then we should talk.

Let’s get on the phone, just you and I, and together we’ll cut through the fog and create a breakthrough in the places you’re feeling the most frustrated in your business.

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Who the Business Breakthrough Retreat is for:

  • You are a personal development coach, health coach, wellness professional, healer, mentor or holistic practitioner. (That’s my background and that’s what I know).

  • You’re well beyond your first 10 paying clients: you’re some-what successful but deep down, you worry about your ability to continue doing this work because you’re simply not earning enough.

  • You’re new in the coaching or holistic health field, you’ve had at least 10 paying clients, and you don’t want to waste time figuring out your next steps on your own.

  • You desire a more soulful, perhaps quieter and maybe even more women-centered approach to business building.

  • You want to work with clients and desire to grow your service-based business.


Karin with Holli Thompson celebrating the creation of her brand, message and marketing plans. 

Potential Topics of Focus for Your Retreat:

  • Getting clear on a decision that is weighing your down and holding you back from moving forward

  • Clarifying your message and niche market (and whether claiming a niche is even the right step for you right now, and if not, how to move forward)

  • Reviewing your current website and outlining a plan of action for copy and design updates including simplifying how to get your website up to snuff and working on your behalf FAST

  • Modernizing the way you work with clients by moving from hourly sessions to profitable programs, packages and leveraging your time

  • Coaching on the personal side of business: your boundaries, time management, how to organize yourself and how you are BEING and feeling, day-in and day-out in your business

  • Upgrading your mindset and leveraging your energy and beliefs to accelerate your results (think Psychology of Success and Law of Attraction for your biz)

  • Strategizing how to mix business, babies and family in a way that works for you: Perfect for new moms, newly pregnant lady bosses freaking out about their business and moms who want to reactivate a past business

  • Right-sizing your marketing: How to let go of what you think you should be doing (and what everyone else is doing) and design a super simple, marketing plan that works with your natural strengths, style, lifestyle, mojo and more

  • Designing your first group program: Perfect for those with a full practice and ready to leverage. (Group programs rarely work without 1:1 client experience and a waiting list under your belt).

  • Creating a plan for your book: If you’ve written a book and not sure what to do next with it, I can help. From how to get clients from your book, turn the content into a course and more.

  • Outlining your next program marketing: You have an idea, a program ready to go, and wondering how to ensure you fill it. We’ll outline your marketing steps from A – Z.

  • Re-styling your practice to a boutique business model: The boutique business model is the way to go for those who have a life, want to work less, do not want to compete with bigger businesses with a high volume of sales and discount pricing, and prefer to offer high-quality, high-touch services at a premium price. It works beautifully.

… and more. We’ll start exactly where you’re at and move your business forward in a way that works for you and you lifestyle.

Karin with Diane Horn of VibrantLadyBoomer.com, enjoying lunch during her Retreat.

How My Retreats Work: 

My Virtual Half-Day and Full-Day Business Breakthrough Retreats are custom planned for each client. I meet you where you are at and work with the resources and knowledge base you currently have. 

The Half-Day Retreat is 2.5 hours and my Full-Day Retreat is 4.5 Hours. I host Retreats on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, between the hours of 10:00am – 2:30pm EST). We meet over the phone and it works beautifully. 

After receiving your application, I’ll notify you within two business days if you’ve been accepted. 

If so, we’ll immediately schedule your Virtual Retreat after receiving your payment. 

Once your Retreat is scheduled (you can do so up to 90 days in advance), I’ll do some friendly online stalking of your web and social media presence and give some thought and unleash my intuition on your business in advance of our time together. 

On the date of your Retreat, you will call me via my private phone line. You’ll want to be fully present and distraction free during this time. 

During the Retreat, you and I will have a soulful, yet straight-talking conversation about your biz and your life and what’s next for you. 

We will interact: I coach when needed, I listen deeply, I straight-up teach you stuff and share resources when needed, and I will share things with you about yourself and your biz that probably no one else in you life is willing to tell you. I do this with a good dose of humor and happily share my own foibles and business revelations if I think they can be of help. (We’ll include a short breaks, during our time too, to ensure we stay focused and fresh). 

Essentially, you get my brain, heart, intuition and 15+ years of experience in the coaching and holistic health field dedicated to you. 

And you will leave with a plan of action designed to fit YOU. Not a plan for the next 5 years, but a plan for the next RIGHT STEPS for YOU. And it’s often not what you think you should be doing. 

Of course, you will need to implement what we discuss in order to see results. If I sense I can be of further help to you, I’ll suggest some possible ways we can continue working together.

Karin with Marika Blossfeldt, created MarikaB.com during her Retreat.

Where Are the Retreats Held?

We meet via telephone. No travel required and it works beautifully.

Karin and Heather Cottrell, of GetAwesomeTech.com during her retreat.

When Are the Retreats?

I schedule them about twice per month usually on weekdays. After your application is approved, you will have your choice of dates. 

Karin with Deanna Hansen (left) and Assistant Gil (middle), of Manitoba, Canada created
FluidIsometrics.com during their retreat.

Karin (and son Alex), with Jessica Davis, MD of Stillwater, NY revamped JessicaDavisMD.com, during her retreat.

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to get started, please download an application for a retreat here.

If you’re still not sure, no problem. Just book a Wellness Marketing Breakthrough Session and I’ll answer any additional questions you may have.

Please note, I often book 30 – 60 days in advance for these Retreats so please don’t wait.

What’s it like to work with me?

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