I offer highly personalized coaching for the right clients. 

Most clients start working with me to clarify their message, audience and restructure their services. Once that's handled, we get busy marketing to create clients. 

They know they do great work, have proof that their ideas work and need to figure out how to earn more AND still have time for family life. 

70% of my clients are moms who must earn a great income and this is not a hobby business.

30% of my clients are often single women who are the sole bread winner in their household.

In both cases, my clients appreciate my approach to simplifying everything and making marketing and messaging doable for people who have a life outside of work. 

I usually start clients with my Happy Little Practice Program. This is where take a swift 10 weeks to refocus your message and structure your practice into a boutique business and figure out what your ONE message, ONE audience and ONE clear solution that you offer and put it all together. You can learn more about that here

From there they move into one of two of my small, intimate coaching programs, where we focus exclusively on becoming consistent in your chosen meaningful marketing strategy while running your practice. This is either a 6 to 12 month membership to unique blend of private and small group coaching called "The Studio" or membership to my "Great Little Talks" 90 day coaching program (for those who are called to speak as their marketing strategy, as many of my clients are). 

Additionally I offer

  • Coaches, consultants and practitioners with a small, service-based business who have gone as far as they can on their own. 

  • Curriculum design and course creation and consulting for your students and graduates on holistic business building

  • Topic specific trainings, seminars, keynotes, webinars, video trainings, film and more

  • Select marketing copywriting support with your existing or new projects to expand your reach

  • Custom designed consulting projects

  • Guest speaking engagements at special events and conferences (online and in-person)

And more.

To learn more about my experience, Visit this speaker information page.

To request samples of my trainings I’ve done for other organizations, and to see if we’re a fit, please contact me directly and let’s talk.