[Podcast 4] Avoiding Horrific Clients

Here's the next episode of the Happy Little Practice podcast.

In this episode we go deep on dealing with difficult clients.

I promise we'll make you chuckle, and that we'll share some humbling stories of our own, and most of all, we'll leave you better off with our multi-level approach to dealing with this.

We cover things like...

- Our own real-life challenges with this (from early days to NOW)

- Why having a challenging client is not a sign to turn back and quit coaching

- A variety of ways of preventing this - front of the house ways, to behind the scenes and even the metaphysics

- Insights from the early days of our coaching business to present day that you can glean for your own business

- How not being afraid to make bold refund, sticking up for yourself and having tough conversations is key to your success

And so much more!

Come learn with us.

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[Podcast 3] Dealing with Uncertainty

Drew and I recorded the next episode of our Happy Little Practice podcast and it's ready for you.

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This one's all about dealing with uncertainty for those coach for a living.

Things like: 

- How uncertainty shows up for coaches (new and experienced coaches like me and my husband - we're 20+ years in!)

- Why we need to stop fighting or running from uncertainty and what happens when you resist this

- How uncertainty never goes away but what you're uncertain about changes and evolves

- How uncertainty comes with evolving and growing your business, and a few ways to prepare for this

- The ways Drew and I allow uncertainty to exist in business (and life!) AND still show up for our business 

- Simple practices, routines and perspective shifts that can help steady and encourage you in your professional coaching journey, in the Happy Little Practice way.

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At the end of the episode, you'll also hear what Drew and I are up to these days, including a one-time "Your First 10 Clients" program that I'm leading in 9 days. Details here. 

Hope this is useful! 

[Podcast 2] Vision

Do you have a vision for your coaching practice?

What is it really?

And how is it different from a goal?

Do you have the kind of vision that is pushing you from behind or pulling you forward?

How do you ground your vision so it feels real and doable?

Could what you don't want in life and work, be a lead in to what you really want?

And could having a clear vision be the fuel to help you see things through in your business (and life!)?

How do you get out of the rat race of chasing fame and fortune (chasing BIG) with your unique vision?

In this episode of the Happy Little Practice podcast, we talk vision, how to connect to what's at stake for you and creating your future.

Whether you're a new coach, experienced coach or just someone who wants a coach, this short episode.

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Here's to creating your own #happylittlepractice,


[Podcast 1] What it Takes

The profession of coaching has given my life just about everything.

I met my husband at a coaching conference, some 17 years ago. The founder of personal coaching was teaching, live and in-person, the great Thomas J. Leonard.

I had my first experience of real community and purpose through coaching.

I have met some of my very best friends from coaching.

I have supported myself and my family, earning nearly 2 million dollars through coaching alone, over 20 years.

Together, Drew and I have been at the coaching game for 40+ years, and we like to think we have some insights to share about the profession.

We just recorded the first episode of our new podcast, Happy Little Practice, where our goal is to show you "the stuff behind the stuff" when it comes to building a sustainable, happy, and profitable coaching practice.

On this first episode, we discuss some of the fundamental mindsets required to make it in private practice.

It's informal, there are no fancy intros and outros, and it's pretty darn solid and enjoyable to listen to, if I do say so myself.

You may even hear Buddy the Cat make an appearance. (Because I'm a pro and the kittehs rule.) ;)

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Here's to creating your own #happylittlepractice,


Happy Little Practice: Where moms in coaching create a small, simple, business that makes a difference, makes great money and makes their family happy too.

PS - If you're new to podcasts, this is a great way to get started. I listen to them on my evening walks, while folding laundry, when I'm cooking or while driving. I have found them to be a wonderful source of inspiration, insight and mindset game changer. Drew listens during his daily morning workout and while working on house projects and making our home beautiful.

PPS - Story Pirates if the BEST podcast for kiddos, says my 6 and 8 year old. In case you need one for them, I got you covered.