[Podcast 3] Dealing with Uncertainty

Drew and I recorded the next episode of our Happy Little Practice podcast and it's ready for you.

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This one's all about dealing with uncertainty for those coach for a living.

Things like: 

- How uncertainty shows up for coaches (new and experienced coaches like me and my husband - we're 20+ years in!)

- Why we need to stop fighting or running from uncertainty and what happens when you resist this

- How uncertainty never goes away but what you're uncertain about changes and evolves

- How uncertainty comes with evolving and growing your business, and a few ways to prepare for this

- The ways Drew and I allow uncertainty to exist in business (and life!) AND still show up for our business 

- Simple practices, routines and perspective shifts that can help steady and encourage you in your professional coaching journey, in the Happy Little Practice way.

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At the end of the episode, you'll also hear what Drew and I are up to these days, including a one-time "Your First 10 Clients" program that I'm leading in 9 days. Details here. 

Hope this is useful!