Private Coaching with Karin

Meet Alexandra Jamieson at…
As seen in the hit documentary, Super Size Me and on The Oprah Show

Karin helped me restructure my practice to be a reflection of where I want to go, in a way that makes me sound amazing and is way more profitable!

Alexandra Jamieson
New York, NY


Meet Holli Thompson at…
Featured in the April 2011 issue of More Magazine

With Karin’s helped in creating my brand, marketing materials and teaching me how to set up all the business and marketing systems I needed to be successful, I was able to capitalize when the press came calling! Thank you Karin!

Read the MORE article about the work we did together here.

Holli Thompson
Middleburg, VA


Meet Jennifer Bronsnick at…

I chose Karin as my biz coach, because not only did I love her approach to business and marketing, but honestly, I wanted her to be my coach because of how she lives her life.

She’s a mom with multiple kids and she is STILL successful. And I knew that she would take the time to understand my work.

When we started working together, I didn’t have clarity or direction around my biz. I was seeing clients, but not making much money and was close to calling it quits.

What I especially loved about working with her was that she helped me find my own style of expressing what I do, without putting words into my mouth.

As a result, I got super clear about who my target market is, how to connect with them regularly and how to attract clients (using my natural strengths!), including how to talk about what I do and give engaging presentations. I redid my website and now, I’m making a lot more money too!
I highly recommend you coach with Karin if you want help figuring all this business stuff out!

Jennifer Bronsnick, LCSW
New Jersey, USA


Meet Donielle Wilson, ND at…

Karin helped me re-package my 10+ years of experience and all that I’m passionate about into a compelling message with clear offers, programs and products that not only stands out and is more profitable, but has me saved me money, time and energy in everything that I do.

Doni Wilson, ND
Port Jefferson, NY


Meet Danielle Omar, RD at…

Beyond the new website copy, marketing message, new programs and all of the new web design that made my site one million times better, what I really appreciated about working with Karin is all the little things she does. When she gave me suggestions for my business, she would always provide a template for me to follow and use in my business. And she offered tons of bonuses as I needed them and this absolutely saved me time and effort in my practice. Now I feel more confident about my services. I feel totally ready to promote my services to physicians and big companies without looking like a mom & pop shop. This new level of professionalism and polish to my work helps me see how I can accomplish so much more. 

Danielle Omar, MS, RD
Fairfax, VA


Meet Ellen Nalaboff at… 

Karin took what I shared with her and put together a meaningful message and brand that matches my intentions for my Studio, shines a light on our unique services, and ultimately, my purpose. I felt she really got me, my work and that we really connected. It felt great knowing she was right there for me, helping me figure out how to stand out and present my business in a powerful way. Now we have more momentum and the professional presentation to reach many more people. 

Ellen Nalaboff
Plainview, NY


Meet Leah Shapiro at…

Something I had been wrestling for more than two years was suddenly lifted off my shoulders and made simple and clear in a matter of two weeks! Karin was able to help me create a focused marketing message and brand. Now I don’t have to think about what to put on my business cards, my services, my website… it’s all done! And it’s so much easier to talk about what I do.

Leah Shapiro
Boston, MA


Meet Lisa Chapman at…

Working with Karin has created an entire shift in my thinking. Now I get it that if I really want to help people, I have to be successful in order to help them.
And best of all, I feel that she really got me! She was able to pull out those golden nuggets of our conversations and create a new of working, great marketing materials and a message that sounds like it came from ME. That feels great.

Lisa Chapman
Carbondale, Colorado


We just moved into a new space to keep up with demand!

I came to Karin with a VERY big vision for my work, but no idea how to create it. Karin helped me launch my school for body workers and now my dreams are becoming a reality! We just moved into a brand new space in a downtown medical building to keep up with the demand we now have for more teachers, classes and training. 

Deanna Hansen, Certified Athletic Therapist
Winnipeg, Canada

Private Business Breakthrough Retreats with Karin


Karin with Holli Thompson of celebrating the creation of her brand, message, and marketing plans


Karin with Diane Horn of Enjoying lunch during her retreat.


Karin with Marika Blossfeldt, created during her retreat.

Karin with Deanna Hansen (left) and assistant Gil (middle), of Manitoba, Canada created during their retreat.

Karin and Heather Cottrell of during her retreat.

Karin (and son Alex) with Jessica Davis, MD of Stillwater, NY revamped, during her retreat.


Group Coaching

In the first year of hiring Karin, I’ve gone from maternity leave, hoping one day-someday to build a home on the land my husband and I own, to jump starting my private practice and building plans under way! 

Since our initial meeting where we re-branded my medical practice to focus on new moms, I have seen newborns and entire families join my family practice. I came to her with a dream for giving families an alternative to HMO’s and now it’s actually happening. 
Now we’re living in that eco-dream home I dreamed of, on that land I dreamed of, and I have a waiting list on less than full-time hours. 

Dr. Jess
Stillwater, NY


“Coaching with Karin is a fast track to knowing who you really are.

Not only will this program help you make more money doing what you love (just this summer I reached my first $10,000 month!) Being in the Rockstars program is a fast track to knowing who you really are. I ended unsupportive relationships, moved into a new home with my sons that I love (including decorating it just the way I want) and started building my life AND my business on my own terms. That feels liberating! If you want to truly be yourself in business and in your life, this is the program for you. 

Ellie Ballentine, MA
Quebec, Canada


This is the first time I see real financial results! I’m celebrating by taking my husband to Italy.

Karin has helped me identify a new way of sharing my passion for wellness by creating a holistic design business for wellness pros, based on my years of experience as a high-end graphic design pro. She helped me create the SOUL of my holistic web design business and brand, and in 4 months, my income has tripled – having worked with lots of coaches, this is the first time I see real financial results. Best of all, she showed me how to leverage my background to create the easiest, most enjoyable version of my business that supports my family and fulfills me on a very deep level.
Now I create transformation by working exclusively with other wellness pros and make their lives so much easier with my “I get what you do” design services. 
As a result of my success, my husband started to work in my business and we are taking a vacation to Italy to celebrate the incredible progress we have made – first time in years! Thank you Karin! 

Jane Ashley
Old Saybrook, CT 


I didn’t feel like a Rockstar at the start, but I sure feel like one now!

Working with Karin has made such a huge difference in my business, and in my life. You know she’s an awesome marketing and business coach, but what you quickly learn is how much deeper she (and her husband/coach Drew) will take you. 
You’ll get coaching around money mindset, confidence building, setting boundaries, creating specific goals, staying focused, having fun, getting out of your own way, and how to balance your life with your business. And so much more. The group calls provide a valuable shared experience with like-minded wellness pros, plus plenty of personal coaching from Karin. 
I love working with Karin and Drew, and am so grateful for how they’ve taught me to be my unique self, build my business around what I love, and keep my focus on fun and ease. Give yourself the chance to be a Rockstar too! 

Lisa Cumming
Westport, CT


Book Writing and Publishing with Karin and Drew

Here are just a few authors from our Best Little Book Program.


Writing my book has helped me defined my unique message and fresh approach about American history. And it gave me the credibility to be invited to be on the Today Show and NBC News 4, along with radio stations and newspaper articles.

Now I have a book that I can leverage again and again, including in my sales copy, social media, and in my marketing emails. The book is now a foundation piece of my programs, since each chapter is a different talk that I offer.
My message is crystal clear, I know exactly what I stand for, and I can easily share it with others! 
And I learned exactly how to use my new book for growing my business and in the exact way I want too! I heartily recommended this program! Thank you, Drew and Karin!"

Christina Frei
Author of 5 Rockstars of the American Revolution: Surprising Stories and Big Life Lessons of the Founding Fathers
Wilton, CT


Karin and Drew’s 90 day Publish your Book Program gave me the how-to, support and motivation not to wait another three years to write my book. 

I signed-up for the program to write a book about beauty for my skincare company, but ended-up writing about the beauty of my sister, an artist with Down Syndrome. 
It was featured by the National Down Syndrome Society and the International Coalition for Down Syndrome Awareness; it was awarded along with one of my sister’s paintings to Hoda Kotb, the co-anchor of the Today Show and it will be displayed during my sister’s exhibit in October, sponsored by the city of Warsaw, Poland. I did not plan any of that. I just had a dream. As I opened-up to was I was meant to do, it all started to come to me and became grand. The book validated what I was meant to do to make my sister famous. 
This has been one of the most fulfilling investments of my life, even though it turned out to have nothing to do with my holistic counseling practice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Joanna Puciata
Author of Vague Memories, a memoir about her sister, an artist with Down’s Syndrome that made the Polish government stand up and take notice.
McHenry, IL


Now I know what I’m here to share with others! 

This program helped me focus on what I REALLY wanted to share with potential clients in a no-nonsense, practical manner. Every aspect of writing a book was laid out in a clear way that left no room for getting lost. Now I am using my book to build my list of ideal clients, open doors to offering workshops (that are grounded in my book’s content) and to sell on Amazon. It is a wonderful tool that can be used in so many different ways!

Krista Daley
Author of Winning the Game: The Busy’ Mom’s Manual for Refueling Her Athletic Family in 6 Easy Steps
Pompton Plains, NJ


My book is selling on my website and leading to new opportunities, including being reviewed by an international association for gifted children (my expertise!) 

I loved that the early action steps of this program really set me up for success. To my surprise, the writing part was pretty straight forward, given I knew exactly what I was going to say (thanks to the terrific outline and mindset approach they shared), I knew exactly who my readers were (instead of trying to appeal to everyone and anyone) and the powerful reminders and mindset tips were incredibly helpful in keeping me focused. 
The marketing perspective was also very helpful as I wrote with a clear purpose of what I wanted this book to do for my practice. Believe it or not, I didn’t want more private clients. I wanted a way to help others without more of my one-on-one time. And now I have a plan for turning the book into a teleclass group program. It’s great to have figured out a way to actually see results from my book. 
And because everything was so clearly laid out, I learned very affordable ways to get my book on the Kindle, Nook and other media that I had not thought of using and discovered how to use as a way to find my book team. Something I’ll be referring to again and again in my business. 
Already, my book is selling on my website and leading to new opportunities, including being reviewed by an international association for gifted children. Thank you Drew and Karin. This was a great program and I highly recommend it!

Derrin Cramer
Author of Thinking Ahead
Perth Australia 


My book is endorsed by Equinox Fitness Centers for Fitness Managers to use with their trainers! 

I was walking to work one day and passed a small personal training studio. A guy was standing outside tossing around a medicine ball. I noticed him watching me and figured it was because I had on an Equinox t-shirt. As I passed him I said “good morning” and he said, “Um, is your name Rhonda?” I stopped in my tracks and slowly turned to look at him with a sheepish “yes.” He smiled and said “Oh my gosh I just read your book! It changed the way I look at my clients and I can already see a positive change in my business.” It is awesome to know I can help people that I would never have met otherwise.
I also am almost finished with my second book in “The Addictive Personal Trainer” series. (Again, just from repeating what I learned in this program!) Thank you Drew and Karin!!! I can’t begin to express my gratitude for your guidance and encouragement. I love being an author who has total creative and administrative control over my work. You are changing the world – one author at a time!"

Rhonda Huff
Author of The Addictive Personal Trainer


More clients, more subscribers and growing my business just got WAY easier! 

Before writing my book, I wasn’t getting anywhere with my previous coaching business. I knew something had to change in order for me to be successful. I realized the thing that people asked me questions about most was how I healed my sons of autism. I thought if I wrote a book on how I did this, this would give my business the new focus I was looking for AND it would help to position me as an expert in the field. I decided NOW was the time to do it because I wanted my coaching business to finally earn me and my family LOTS of money. Writing the book reminded me just how much I actually know and showed me that I could really be successful sharing what I know. Now, it’s easy to get myself booked for speaking gigs and I now have more coaching clients and online subscribers. And, it feels very cool to have my family and friends take me and my business more seriously, too! 
And I have to say, that writing my book was A LOT easier than I ever imagined. Karin and Drew lay out the steps and they are there for you every step of the way. And no, you don’t need to have attended an Ivy League school or have your masters or doctorate, nor do you need to consider yourself to be an excellent writer. (They show you how to get around that!) The world wants to hear what you have to say. You matter and you will realize this more once you write your book. You will have more clients once you realize you matter and what you have to say actually does matter to many! 

Andrea Anderson
Newton, CT
Speaker + Coach to families looking to clear ADHD or autism symptoms and make life better and easier for their child. Author of “I Healed My Sons of Autism & You Can Too: The 7 Keys to Clearing Your Child of ADHD & Autism Naturally.” 


I was ready to step out there with my work and book seemed a perfect way to do so. Implementing and finally creating a book (rather than just having ideas swimming in my head) was very important to me. 

My main concern before joining the program was that I wouldn’t have enough material to fill a book. By the end of the process, I not only had one book, but I realized how much more I can write in the future! 
Now, it’s an essential part of my marketing. I give it as a gift to clients and I’m in the process of doing a teleseminar based on the book. I use pieces of it in my newsletters and Facebook posts. People buy it and learn about my work, and it has given me expert status in my field. 
The best part? I feel comfortable and confident creating my teleseminars. All the steps come right from my book feel like a foundation for my work is done and it’s much easier to put myself out there now. It was quite amazing to discover that I know so much. And also, my mum is very proud! It was my present for her 60th birthday, and that felt wonderful.” 

Tarisha Tourok
Re-Ignite Your Love Expert in Auckland, New Zealand
Author of How to Make Him Fall In Love with You All Over Again: 7 Weeks to More Intimacy and Delicious Sex in Your Relationship


My book is now an essential part of my marketing! 

Not only did I learn how to write my book FAST, and how to stay focused on what I wanted to share (and not EVERYTHING I could share), I learned the countless ways to integrate it into my marketing to help me and my mission stand out and help more people. 
It opens doors for me and helps me get booked as a regular speaker (making my work very client attractive) I sell them at my workshops, I’ve received publicity and so much more.

Erin Owen, MBA
Author of Refuel, Recharge and Re-energize: The Conscious Entrepreneur’s Guide to Taking Back Control of Your Time and Energy
Philadelphia, PA