I wrote two books.



Discover What Rockstars of Wellness Already Know

You started your wellness practice because you love what you do, have a passion for helping others, and you wanted to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

As good as all that sounds, here’s the simple truth: Passion is not enough to make you truly successful.

If you’re ready to fulfill your destiny by making more money while touching the lives of many more people, you’ll need to become a Rockstar of Wellness.

If you know that it’s time stand out from your peers and get your services noticed, create more money, and make your work fun again, this book will help you get there.

In this little book you’ll discover:

  • Eight Secrets all Rockstars of Wellness know that make them irresistibly relevant to their clients…(you’ll see it’s not about some mysterious “it” factor, and more about how you set up your practice!)


  • More than 60 super simple ways to upgrade how you work, think and operate your wellness biz that you can use right away (no matter where you are in your business).


  • Real-life examples of wellness pros I’ve worked with who revamped their old ways of doing things, found their voice and authentic marketing style and discovered how to define success on their own terms. 

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This little book will turn everything you think you know about writing and self-publishing a book for your business on it's head. 

  • Discover the real purpose of writing a book for your business (it's not about book sales!)


  • Redefine what a book is in today's evolving publishing world (hint: a book is the new business card)


  • Demystify the 6 biggest myths that hold people back from writing and self-publishing their book (some will surprise you!)


  • Understand the 7 steps to take to get your book done and into the hands of your tribe


  • Success stories and inspiring author profiles of how solo-professionals like you got their book done! 

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Praise for Rockstars of Wellness

Highly recommended valuable book for all Health Coaches by @NutritionSchool Graduate.
— Joshua Rosenthal, Founder IntegrativeNutrition.com
Direct and helpful! These are awesome and practical ideas for creating a successful practice.
— Frank Butterfield, CommunionofLight.com
I’ve been a wellness pro for years and I learned new things and was inspired!
— Holli Thompson, HolliThompson.com
Useful for physicians building a solo-practice they are passionate about.
— Sharon George, MD, MDMentor.com
Pearls of wisdom that seem so simple but yet are so powerful!
— Lisa Erdman, MHA, RD
Insightful advice for anyone who is self-employed or wants to be.
— Sara Michelsen, Organic Beef Farmer
This book is a pint-sized power house!
— Meredith Morse, LMT
Karin’s sense of humor and personality shine through and make it a joy to read!
— Chris Vanderzyden, Author ChrisVanderzyden.com
Straight forward, easy to implement and smart.
— Danielle Omar, RD
Whenever I pick up this book, I feel more relaxed about connecting with my peeps, instead of wondering how I’ll do it all.
— Christina Frei, ChristinaFrei.com
I can finally see, how I can stand out my being “me” and knowing what my tribe really wants from me.
— Lisa Cummings, LisaCummings.com
This book gets you moving forward without bombarding you with too much information.
— Heather Cottrell, GetAwesomeTech.com