19 Years of Experience Inspiring Personal Development Coaches, Consultants and Practitioners to Succeed Their Way

I'm an author and sought-after marketing mentor for solo-business owners in the life transformation field, and have been professionally speaking and coaching since 1999. 

As a former nutrition counselor turned marketing and mindset mentor, I combine a unique understanding of deep transformational work with meaningful marketing wisdom, and specialize in teaching others how to structure and market a small, but mighty private practice.

I’ve written two business books and created the Happy Little Practice Method for coaches who don’t want a big business, but still want to make a big impact and earn well for their family.

When you choose me, you get a trifecta of goodness: a health and lifestyle coach and educator with over 5 years experience working with wellness clients + a business savvy mentor + a mom and wife who knows how to prioritize life balance. And I'm kinda funny too.



Speaking Topics

The following talks work best and create the biggest impact in the following order:

1) Small Practice, Big Results
: 5 Essential Shifts to Create a Great Full-Time Income in About 25 Hours Per Week for Moms with a Service Based Business (Watch a pre-recorded version of this here.)

This is the foundational class that explains how a small practice can truly be BIG ENOUGH, when done right.

2) Focusing Your Message for Coaches, Consultants and Practitioners: Refocus Your Message, Identify Your Ideal Clients and Watch Yourself Become Irresistibly Relevant to a Unique Group of People as a Specialty, Service-Based Business.

This presentation goes deep into Shift #1 of my Small Practice, Big Results webinar: “from chasing BIG to going Boutique” and daring to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

3) How to Transition from an Hourly Fee Practice to Offering Signature Programs: Discover How to Create Higher-End Packages that Give You Ample Time and Space to Create Life Changing Results (For you, your clients AND your family) Preview this webinar here.

This presentation goes deep into Shift #3 of my Small Practice, Big Results webinar: “from offering multiple generic offers to offering ONE signature offer”.

4) Simplify Your Marketing: How to Fill Your Practice with Ideal Clients by Giving Great Little, Local Talks. Preview this webinar here. Learn more about my approach to giving great little talks here.

This presentation goes deep into Shift #4 of my Small Practice, Big Results webinar: “from having multiple jobs to having ONE job in your practice.” The ONE job of your Happy Little Practice marketing is to book consultations/first appointments and turn a portion of those consultations into clients.

5) Writing and Self-Publishing a Book that Grows Your Business: How Writing Your Book for Your Business now is the Best Way to Attract More Money, Establish a Rock-Solid Brand and Become a Go-To Expert in Your Field (Watch our latest webinar on this topic here and read our great little book on this topic here.)

Once your marketing is working, and your practice is growing, it’s time to write a book for your business.

6) How to Gracefully and Authentically Raise Your Rates: A Step-by-Step Process for Staying on Your Client’s Good Side as You Steadily Increase Your Rates, One Graceful Step at a Time.

Your version 1 of your program/services will be priced differently than your Version 12, and so on. Steadily raising your rates is an essential part of running your business. Doing it the right way can transform it into a client empowering part of your business.


A wonderful, dedicated, clever consultant in the nutrition and wellness marketing universe.

I have known Karin for many years – first as a colleague, then as a professional I hired to help promote the work of The Institute for the Psychology of Eating when it was first launching. Karin was thorough, thoughtful, and really took the time to ask great questions and truly get to know me and my work.

It’s rare to find a consultant who knows how to listen – and enjoys it. From there, she created a great action plan and held my hand during the process. I love Karin’s attention to the details, and was always confident that her bottom line was to do the best work possible. I highly recommend her.
— Marc David, Institute for the Psychology of Eating


Speaking Experience 

  • Speaking from the stage (2,500+ attendees) and to small, intimate Q&A groups and interviews (15 attendees)

  • Designed and led programs to thousands as former Education Director and health coach marketing instructor for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (live conferences, in-person trainings, webinars and more)

  • Speaking since 1999

  • Speaking formats include seminars, trainings, keynotes, tele-classes, webinars and tele-summits

Speaking Focus

  • Inspiring emerging leaders to present their passion in a memorable way

  • Designing a successful coaching, consulting business or private practice to fit YOU

  • Marketing in alignment with in your personal strengths, personality, style, lifestyle preferences and more.

Speaking Style

  • I’m a bit of a straight talker

  • I enjoy sharing my personal, often humbling experiences in starting and growing a solo-business

  • I can be humorous and disarmingly down-to-earth in sharing complex information

Speaking Audience

  • Associations

  • Schools

  • Networking groups

  • Live Conferences

Contact me today for samples of my teaching and to discuss booking me for a virtual or in-person speaking engagement for your group.