The outliers in your practice

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Did you know that 80% of my clients are moms with a service based solo-business, who must earn an income or they will have to get a job?

And did you know that the other 20% of my clients are single women solely in charge of bringing in the bread & butter in their life?

Some have adult children, long out of the home. Others are happily child free.

Both types of women find their way to me.

Both types want flex time, to be available for their friends and family, and to take much better care of themselves as the years go by.

I think it's because they both resonate with the tiny, but mighty #smallisthewnewbig approach.

Just this month, my standard 3 new clients per month (something I teach my clients how to do) were "all the single ladies."


Here's the thing about that:

Did the single ladies that I on-boarded this month, cause me to panic and question my chosen "moms with a business" audience?


Did it make me want to change my message and find a way for single clients to resonate with my #happylittlepractice method?


Why? Because when I do (and I have done so), my work seems to land with NO ONE.

Don't let those awesome outliers in your practice confuse and dilute your message.

Welcome them, love them up and do great work with them, but don't change your message if most of your clients fit in a different "category."

Of course, this is easier with someone whispering some keep calm and carry on advice in your ear. (That be me!)

So, if you want help evolving your practice to thrive in today's economy by tightening up your message, services and marketing in the #happylittlepractice way, get in touch, okay?

Apply here to see if I'm the right mentor for you, your business and making it all work for your family life too.

I've got up to 3 spots in the schedule for February.

Not sure? Grab some tea, a notepad and pen and watch my signature talk on Small Practice, Big Results here, if you haven't already.

That will give you an in-depth introduction to my #happylittlepractice method. It's 100% content, teaching, and no fluff.

Of course, if you're not ready for a marketing mentor, that's cool! You're welcome here too.

Perhaps you could use some up-leveling in your mindset, mood and memory as a woman with a business?

I know for me, it's a daily practice!

If so, you're invited to join my free monthly community call on upgrading your routines in business with a beautiful, simple essential oil practice. Check out the details here and see if it's for you.

Hope this has been useful!