Get Aligned and Get a New House: Meet Dr Jessica Davis



Here's a short audio interview of Dr. Jessica Davis, the New Mom's Family Doctor, in Stillwater, NY. (Great branding don't ya think!? :))

She's a returning client, and in this recording, she shares how she went from maternity leave, with just a few patients,  to building the house of her dreams. It's really inspiring.

And if you're considering joining us in the Irresistibly Attractive WellPro Program that begins February 7th, 2013 , you'll find out why she chose the Sisterhood Level.

All you need is 7 minutes to get inspired.

Below is the transcribed interview, if you rather read then listen. 

Karin:                    Hey everyone this Karin and I am hosting a short interview with somebody who joined Irresistibly Attractive Wellness program ( and that is Dr. Jessica Davis. Hi Jessica!

Dr. Jess:                Hello

Karin:                    I wanted to take a minute and give you an opportunity to share a little bit about what it has been like to work with Drew and I and what you are looking forward to this year. I think others considering this program will relate to you, your story and will certainly be inspired.

Dr. Jess:                Great! Well I have been working with Karin for two years now, and I keep coming back because I am seeing fabulous results.I keep making progress and I keep learning and I always have more that I want to do too. Their ideas are so helpful!

I have gone from coming off from maternity leave with my second son, coming out of that feeling like I need to get back to my practice and that was time to do so, as I needed to make a living doing what I was doing and wasn’t quite sure how to make that happen/

In the past two years I have gone from definitely losing money to now I’m in the black and hired staff.  Before working with Karin I thought I would have to take on a  part time real job. I am a physician so that meant like applying for an urgent care job or something that I would be very unhappy doing, very stressed out.

I have not had to do that and not only that I have managed to build a house in the meantime which is huge. We have gone from sitting on plans and thinking and dreaming about it to we actually have a house, we are going to move in in the next month and I still kind of can’t believe that I am saying that but I know I would not have been at this point without working with Karin and Drew.

The confidence I have now, and all the mindset work helped me believe in myself and understand why I am doing the things in my business.

For me it was my short term goal was to build the house, and that means creating this bigger life of freedom and having our own place and having it the way we want to support.

Karin:                    Yeah and it is a different kind of house.

Dr Jess:                 Oh yeah

Karin:                    You have to tell them about, it is really cool!

Dr Jess:                 So the house is situated right above a waterfall, so we can hear it from all the windows. We did all sorts of green building, so we are using no fossil fuels, so that adds to the freedom and independence that I wanted. It is tucked out in the woods but close enough to groceries and town that we are not hours from civilization so that is best of both worlds. And it will be ours! We had it custom designed not only according to our values,  but with room for our family and children and space to play outside. And I really can’t believe we are moving in,  but it is getting pretty darn close!

Karin:                    That is amazing.  When we first got together on your Biz Breakthrough Retreat day, and I remember you sharing that you had this special land with a waterfall and that you one day hoped to build a house on it. And now, to actually hear you say that you’ll be moving into this house in a month or two, is really, really wonderful.

Dr. Jess:                Yeah

Karin:                    What I really want those of you listening to get from Dr. Jess here that yes, we talked about marketing when we coached together (and if you want the kind of coaching Jessica received you’ll need to consider the Sisterhood or Private Platinum levels of the Attractive WellPro Program) but the bigger picture we are wanting you to consider as you grow your business “what’s it all for?” What is your version of success.

Dr. Jess:                Yeah and that has been clear to me and that has been what is different about you guys I think that it is easy to keep that front of mind.

Karin:                    You joined the Sisterhood which is one of the three levels of the Attractive WellPro Program. What made you choose that level and what are you looking forward to?

Dr. Jess:                Well honestly I thought I might just coast by in the Foundations Level. But  when I sat down with the programs, considering the house I have built, I feel like I actually do want to keep moving forward and keep growing and take it to the next level, but by making an easier not harder.

I am very good at working hard and it is a constant process to relax and enjoy what I am doing and I do that but I think I put in my application that I wanted to relax into the next level of success. I don’t want to burn myself out to go into the next level. I just want to keep making it easier and it has been working and I just want to keep doing that.

Karin:                    One of the things I shared with Jessica is that, this is not that kind of program that is going to put tremendous pressure on you because we want to keep your lifestyle and your quality of life front of mind. Yes we know  you want to help people, yes we know you want to make a difference but what are YOU going to get out of that beyond the feel good feeling of helping others. That’s how you make this sustainable. So relaxing into the next level of success is something that I read off your application, I wanted people to hear that and I know that is something I am interested in too. and I have done the over working and workaholic thing, so over that.

Dr. Jess:                Yeah I can fall into that too.  

Also, the big thing this year was that I hired people to work with me, for me, as part of my team. That has been huge too.

Karin:                    Oh yeah you have  nurse now!

Dr. Jess:                Yes, I have  nurse, for the last couple of months, she started working you know five to ten hours a week and now she is working twenty hours a week for me and that is all stuff that I was doing myself or that wasn’t getting done and then I felt bad that I wasn’t getting it done. So that feels great and how can I have more of that! J

Karin:                    Yes! I’ll have more of that too! Well thanks for taking a couple of minutes to share all this. If you want to learn more about Dr. Jessica Davis you can go to and check out her website and her practice. It’s worthwhile to look at what kind of practice she has got, it’s very different. Thank you so much Jessica!

Dr. Jess:                You are welcome and thank you.


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