Creating Time to Grow Your Practice: In the Oct 2012 Success Circle


If you've ever said things like this...

“I wish I had time to stop and chat, but I’m in a hurry.”

"Who has time for that!?"

“Where did the time go?”

“There simply aren’t enough hours in the day.”

“If only I’d gotten another hour of sleep.”

“Love to talk but I’ve gotta run...”

“I have to get to the bank before...”

Then you're going to love the October 2012 Success Circle training call on:

Creating Time To Grow Your Practice:

How to experience more of what you want in your wellness biz, without actually working harder or putting enormous pressure on getting it all done, by transforming your relationship with time

First things first, this is not the type of time management class that will show you how to log your hours and whip yourself into some crazy frenzy of hyper achievement.

You're a wellness pro for goodness sake, and you didn't get into this field to become a workaholic or slave to your mission.

This class is all about bring the "life" back into your "lifestyle".

And, this class will show you how to continuously grow and expand your vision for helping others, without sacrificing your financial and spiritual wellbeing, or putting enormous pressure on yourself.

Apply just ONE of the everyday practices that I'll share, and I guarantee you'll feel like you have a lot more of it.

But what if your perception of time was tweaked too?


Then get ready to say goodbye to feeling like you were a victim of time... like you never have enough it or that you're up against some invisible yet omnipresent force.

And get ready to discover how to get your wellness biz off the ground, or maintain the success you've created, without squeezing every minute out of every day.

I'll be sharing some of my latest ideas, mindset and every day strategies that make you feel calm, centered and in control of your time, and ultimately, will help you experience more of what you want in your practice, without actually working harder or trying to squeeze more out of every day (leaving you feeling rung out!).

Things like...

  • Understanding how you use your time, talk about time and move through the world affects your professional presentation and ability to attract clients and leap into your next level of success...
  • I'll shed light on a dirty little secret: Why the most passionate wellness pros often succumb to workaholic tendencies (and how to put a stop to that!)
  • 3 new mindset principles that will totally transform your perception of time and relieve that sense of pressure you feel (and you only have to choose one to focus on to experience a breakthrough!)
  • 6 everyday ways to upgrade your daily experience of time (if you're a very practical, action oriented type person, you'll love these tips)

This call is free, with your membership in the WellProNet Success Circle.

And it's only good through October 2012. (You can't get it after October!)

Imagine how good it would be to set yourself up for the year ahead with a whole new time management mindset and practical strategies that will not only help you get better results, but will radically improve your quality of life.

This personal foundation upgrade is something all successful wellness pros embrace.

And now you can too.

Join us today: 

Here's to you!